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I leave tomorrow on a seven-day, three-city business trip.

cardboard box

I had so many materials to bring home from the office, I had to carry them on the subway in a cardboard box.

As I was awaiting my stop, I noticed something different about my ride home. Typically New Yorkers avoid all eye contact. Tonight their eyes were darting towards me quickly, with seeming discomfort.

It suddenly hit me — they probably thought I had lost my job and the box contained my personal effects.

I thought about producing a few tears, but that seemed like bad karma.


Drive-by droid

I, Robot Car.

That’s what you may be seeing in the lane next to you, thanks to Google.  They announced via blog on their website that they’re already testing robot cars out-and-about in Santa Monica, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.

Those poor California drivers.  They already have some of the worst traffic on the planet and freeway shootings.  Can you imagine being in your car, looking over and seeing a supped-up Prius being driven by a combo computer-camera?

The rubbernecking alone will cause an accident or two.

I shouldn’t exaggerate; Google has sent all the cars out with a human driver who can take over in case something goes awry.   And they say they are coordinating all their excursions with the local police.

But it might be a hair safer to test them out in less populated areas to start.  I mean, seriously — Los Angeles, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe?  Are you trying to crash the thing?  Or perhaps taking out a pedestrian or two would give you some free PR.

Try out your Google Maps and GPS in Middle America.  It will be good practice for you, Google…and better for everyone on the road.