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O Canada!

Columbus Day is a weird holiday.

I mean — if I worked in an office, I’d love the day off as much as the next person.  But celebrating the life of a man who enslaved and tortured Native Americans is a bit distasteful.

So today I pay tribute instead to a different holiday  —


Thank you, Canada, for so many amazing celebs who entertain us all in television and film —

Canada Actors


I’m know there are also female Canadian actors to be thankful for, but hey — it’s my blog.

I know what I like.


But, seriously…

I spent my Friday afternoon at the movies. Today’s feature:

The Place Beyond the Pines

The-place-beyond-the-pinesHere’s a still from the movie.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes look kinda depressed, don’t they?

I was pretty low after the film was over, and I only had to watch it — I can only imagine how they must have felt living that story.

It’s a downer, no lie.  And it’s violent.  Plus, Ryan Gosling is only in the first third of the movie — I cry foul!  Thank goodness Bradley Cooper was there to pick up the slack.

That’s the positive hing tabout the movie.  Wonderful actors, moving performances.  But grim.  The previews were dark and violent, too.

If you go, be sure to get candy for moral support.

Just visiting

2013 is two days old.

As The Egg marvels at this turn of events, we look back at the Top 10 Search Terms that brought visitors to our little site in 2012.

Take a gander:

c311. The letter ‘C’



ryan-gosling-3002. Ryan Gosling



red hat3. hats



Adam Levine4. Adam Levine



brain graphic5. bulto biggest

(I don’t get this one at all…)


band6. band



win-win-movie-poster7. movie



christopher-columb-51588. Christopher Columbus



elephant crossing9. elephant



flock of migrating canada geese birds10. the sunshine state




Let’s see — that’s movies, music, celebrities, animals, fashion, and a couple of random entries that even I can’t explain…

Yep.  Sounds like The Egg to me!  Thanks for stopping by.

My boys

Over drinks in Dallas last night, my friend Karen asked who were my favorite young actors in Hollywood.  Easy question for a girl who spends most weekends at the theatre, right?

I drew a blank.

I mean, I could name one or two…but a Top Ten?  That required more sober consideration.

So now I present — in no particular order (because that makes my brain hurt) — my Young-ish Actors Hall of Fame;

  • Ryan Gosling
  • James McAvoy
  • Michael Fassbender
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Paul Rudd
  • Adam Scott
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Hugh Dancy

Actually, now that I look at it, the first three on the list — Gosling, Fassbender and McAvoy — would be my Top Three.  As in I will see them in anything they do.  And am rarely disappointed.

So, there you go, Karen.

Next question?

Knee jerk

I was in a meeting this morning when the nominations for this year’s Academy Awards were announced.

It’s like having to work on Christmas Day.

Since I missed the entertainment editors’ reactions immediately following the event, I feel compelled to add my own.  As always, it’s a mixed bag of relief and regret.

(Feel free to add your own.)


  • All the Oscar love for Moneyball (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing).  It’s one of the year’s best.  Understated.  Over-delivers.
  • Bridesmaids’ recognition come in the two categories where it is deserved — Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Screenplay.  It was a funny comedy, but I think we all got a bit overly excited about just how good it was.
  • The head-to-head competition between Brad Pitt and George Clooney, both in the Best Actor category and in other categories where their films are nominated together.  No two friends enjoy going at each other so much or do it as well.  Bodes well for the ceremony itself.


  • Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was not given a Best Picture nod.  If you’re going to nominate 10 films, why not the most successful franchise in motion picture history — and its most critically acclaimed final installment?  Nods for Art Direction, Makeup and Visual Effects don’t seem near enough.
  • Michael Fassbender was robbed of the Best Actor nomination for Shame. I should also complain about Ryan Gosling’s omission from the list, but Fassbender alone is a crime.  A crime.
  • And, on the flip side, should a movie have to have a certain life in the theatre to earn a Best Picture nod?  The Tree of Life was barely there.  Try to see it now.  Try to remember it if you did.

Okay.  That’s all I have right now.

What do you think?

Hit me, baby

I write The Sticky Egg every day, so there isn’t a whole lotta rhyme or reason to my choice of topics.

Most days, I’m just happy to have one.

So it’s interesting to glimpse ‘behind the curtain’ at the site statistics to see what posts readers like the best.  Plus, it gives me a chance to say ‘thank you’ to a few of the celebrities and TV shows that bring sightseers to The Egg.

Carson Kressley The Queer Eye veteran has been a favorite of mine — along with crazy man David Arquette — since they first announced this season’s Dancing with the Star’s cast listAfter watching the first week of shows, I am happy to report, I was right.  He’s not the best dancer, but he’s the most entertaining by far.  Voters, keep him around.  The show will be better for it.  (And I can keep yapping about him.)

Ryan Gosling Okay, I’ll admit it — not counting this post, I’ve written about Ryan Gosling five times during the The Egg’s two-year existence.  What can I say?  He inspires me.  And apparently readers are okay with my choice of subject matter, too.  If Ryan continues to make so many great movies, might I suggest a regular Gosling feature on the Egg?  Don’t worry — I will always include quality photos.  (They are as much for me as they are for you.)

Law & Order — I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this iconic New York City drama.  I was thrilled to appear as an extra in no less than nine episodes of the original series.  They were long, boring days that taught me a lot about the biz.  But I honestly don’t care much for the show itself.  The musical stinger alone gives me hives.

The Big Bang Theory  If Kaley Cuoco (Penny) fell in the woods, would it make a sound? I can answer that with a resounding yes.  When Kaley had a horseback riding accident last season — and I wrote a blog about it — fans of the show flocked to The Egg.  And they just keep on coming back.  Kaley, if blog traffic starts to slide, I may need you to attempt a few more daredevil stunts.

High Fashion  Whether it’s Hillary Clinton’s hair don’t, Royal Wedding hat do’s, or ‘pretty piggy’ bacon strips for your dinner table, readers seem to like posts that celebrate all things fashion.  I kinda feel guilty though…me sitting here in my jeans and t-shirt.  But The Egg is only too happy to join the fray.

Thanks for continuing to come along for the ride!

Special Sticky Sneak Peak:  tomorrow I’ll be blogging about my experiences as an audience member at the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Will Jimmy have Egg on his face??  The answer tomorrow!

hey Hey HEY

Did you hear?

Crazy Stupid Love opens today.

Of course you’ve heard.

We’ve been under a movie trailer attack for months! Surrounded.  Bombarded.

Taken prisoner even.

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve loved the Crazy Stupid Love trailer from the first time I saw it — was totally sold on the movie.

Ryan Gosling? Check.  Steve Carell?  Check.  Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei?  Check, check, check. Ryan Gosling nearly naked??

Too many checks to include here.

And I personally love movie trailers.  Love seeing them on television, love sitting through them at the theatre, love them for the art that they are.

But then I saw the Crazy Stupid Love trailer again.  And again.  And over and over and over again. On TV. In the theatre.  Online.  They were everywhere.

There was no escape.

Crazy Stupid Love’s marketing campaign has been crazy, stupid overwhelming.  Their attempts to generate audience excitement have been bloody exhausting.

You know what?  Just to show them how I feel, I may wait until mid-afternoon today before I go see it.

Yeah…that’ll send a message.

Note:  Saw Crazy Stupid Love at the 1:15pm showing (early mid-afternoon).  This is such a wonderful film worth every crazy, stupid overwhelming trailer…and then some! — Carla


Chemistry.  Some couples got it.  Some don’t.

We were all reminded of this fact during Sunday’s Oscar broadcast — for three plus painful hours.   Co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco were oil and water on stage; no casting director is going to be beating down their doors any time soon to pair them up in a movie.

But what about the truly great film couples?

I pondered this very important question as I vegged out in front of the TV last night, re-watching City of Angels. (I was tired, okay?  Plus, that movie was made back in the days when Nicolas Cage was a good actor.)

Here’s my list of great film couples (in no particular order):

  • Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, The Notebook
  • Vivenne Leigh and Clark Gable, Gone with the Wind
  • Matthew MacFadyen and Keira Knightley, Pride & Prejudice
  • Colin Firth, Renee Zellweger (and Hugh Grant), Bridget Jones’ Diary
  • Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, Casablanca
  • Patrick Swazye and Jennifer Grey, Dirty Dancing
  • Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, Brokeback Mountain
  • Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand, The Way We Were
  • Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, When Harry Met Sally
  • Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw, Love Story

It’s not an exhaustive list.  In fact, I’m sure I’ve missed one of your favorites.

What couple would you add to the list?

Remember — you can’t win if you don’t play.

Trophy love

There’s something in the air of late, and it sure ain’t love.

I’ve been chronicling the sad events on my Facebook page:  Couple after celebrity couple calling it quits, even though the holidays are just around the corner.

Is there some kind of tax incentive to ending things before year’s end?  A public relations advantage to starting the new year with a clean relationship slate? More product endorsements available to single stars?

I for one am shocked and truly saddened.

When you look like Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson, don’t other problems lessen in importance as soon as you glimpse your partner in the mirror?  Or does looking that good simply give you too many other options with too many other people who are equally good looking to remain faithful to just one?

While I never thought Scarlett was funny enough for Ryan — sorry, I’m not big enough of a person to keep that opinion to myself — I wanted the relationship to succeed because Ryan did.  (I love him that much.)  I hate that it failed.

Same thing for my other favorite Ryan — Ryan Gosling and Rachael McAdams.  I have loved them as a couple ever since The Notebook. Sure, they broke up a while back, but then they got back together — showed that they were really working on things, ya know?

But then they broke up for good.  Now she’s dating Michael Sheen, who is a brilliant actor (and a better Tony Blair than Tony Blair himself).

But she’ll always be Ryan’s gal in my mind.

And let’s not forget Zach Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, Disney’s dynamic duo, who also called it quits this week.  Let’s face it — they’re young.  I have actually been expecting that one for a while.  And Zach’s star has been rising so much faster, it’s no wonder Vanessa is being left behind.

But seriously, folks, these celebs need to start putting in the work.  If Natalie Portman is willing to study ballet for a year to earn an Oscar for “Black Swan,” and Christian Bale will starve himself down to skin and bones for “The Machinist” and “The Fighter”…

…can’t actors put just a little more effort into their own love lives?

Maybe if we come up with an award…

Good bad news

Uh oh.

Festival darling “Blue Valentine,” starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, has received the dreaded NC-17 rating.

That means, unless the director takes another cut before the film’s scheduled  December 31st release, it won’t hit most theaters and probably won’t get the Oscar nomination that most critics say it deserves.

Bad news…or is it?

While “Blue Valentine” stars two Oscar nominees in Gosling and Williams, you could argue that its subject matter — the end of a marriage — has been done.  Perhaps only women will be interested, and then only women who love Gosling enough to endure what is no doubt a bit of a downer.

Publicize the movie’s current NC-17 rating, and suddenly the movie sounds a bit more interesting, doesn’t it?  Must be awfully sexy.  Even if they do the necessary edits to earn the R rating — which of course they will unless they don’t like money — there will be quite a bit of skin, which should lure men and women alike.

More money, more awards, more audience.

I’ll bet Disney wishes their films could get an NC-17 every once in a while.