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For your consideration

I support this write-in candidate. I hope you will,  too.


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O Canada!

Columbus Day is a weird holiday.

I mean — if I worked in an office, I’d love the day off as much as the next person.  But celebrating the life of a man who enslaved and tortured Native Americans is a bit distasteful.

So today I pay tribute instead to a different holiday  —


Thank you, Canada, for so many amazing celebs who entertain us all in television and film —

Canada Actors


I’m know there are also female Canadian actors to be thankful for, but hey — it’s my blog.

I know what I like.


Trophy love

There’s something in the air of late, and it sure ain’t love.

I’ve been chronicling the sad events on my Facebook page:  Couple after celebrity couple calling it quits, even though the holidays are just around the corner.

Is there some kind of tax incentive to ending things before year’s end?  A public relations advantage to starting the new year with a clean relationship slate? More product endorsements available to single stars?

I for one am shocked and truly saddened.

When you look like Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson, don’t other problems lessen in importance as soon as you glimpse your partner in the mirror?  Or does looking that good simply give you too many other options with too many other people who are equally good looking to remain faithful to just one?

While I never thought Scarlett was funny enough for Ryan — sorry, I’m not big enough of a person to keep that opinion to myself — I wanted the relationship to succeed because Ryan did.  (I love him that much.)  I hate that it failed.

Same thing for my other favorite Ryan — Ryan Gosling and Rachael McAdams.  I have loved them as a couple ever since The Notebook. Sure, they broke up a while back, but then they got back together — showed that they were really working on things, ya know?

But then they broke up for good.  Now she’s dating Michael Sheen, who is a brilliant actor (and a better Tony Blair than Tony Blair himself).

But she’ll always be Ryan’s gal in my mind.

And let’s not forget Zach Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, Disney’s dynamic duo, who also called it quits this week.  Let’s face it — they’re young.  I have actually been expecting that one for a while.  And Zach’s star has been rising so much faster, it’s no wonder Vanessa is being left behind.

But seriously, folks, these celebs need to start putting in the work.  If Natalie Portman is willing to study ballet for a year to earn an Oscar for “Black Swan,” and Christian Bale will starve himself down to skin and bones for “The Machinist” and “The Fighter”…

…can’t actors put just a little more effort into their own love lives?

Maybe if we come up with an award…


Sometimes I’m a little ahead of the game.  I’m the first to admit it.

Remember when cobalt blue kitchens were all the rage?  I had one a few years before they were trendy.  When I had a cobalt blue kitchen, it was just funky, not fashionable.

I’m okay with that.

So when I was all “Ryan Reynolds is funny and sexy,” and the rest of the world was occupied with other people, I wasn’t that surprised. 

(I’m sure you see the commonalities between Ryan Reynolds and cobalt blue kitchens, so I won’t insult you with an explanation.)

Therefore, it is with great happiness and a heartfelt ’bout time, world’ that I greet the news that Ryan has been named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine.

I mean, look at the man.  He’s gorgeous and ripped.  His sense of humor and comic timing  on screen are even biggest assets in my book.

Probably didn’t hurt that he’s got a couple of big blockbuster films headed our way, “The Green Lantern” most noteably.  People never makes their decision based on sex appeal alone.  (Isn’t that why Johnny Depp got the nod last year, right before “Public Enemies” tanked at the box office?  Sorry, Johnny.)

It already has me thinking about next year’s choice.  Let’s see… November 2011. 

Wonder if any interesting movies are being released then??

Morning after

Well, it’s over.

After all the anticipation and prognostication, the Emmy Awards are behind us.  Even though I was happy with how they turned out — can we get a ‘woot woot’ for Jim Parsons winning Best Actor in a Comedy? — I still feel this enormous letdown that the awards are over.

I can only imagine how the stars must feel.  They had their careers invested in the process — not just viewing parties and salty snacks — and I’m guessing they were up a bit later than I was, too.

So for everyone who’s finding it a bit hard to get started this morning, I offer this bit of entertainment news…because it certainly gave me a reason to live.

Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper are going to share top billing in an upcoming movie.

That’s right.  As if one of them isn’t enough eye candy for a film, the two will team up in what is being described as an “edgier, R-rated version of the Lethal Weapon series.”

What an embarrassment of riches.  And you know it’s going to be hilarious, too.

Ryan and Bradley — if you’re listening — I thank you.  I bless you.  And I want to assure you…

I am so there.

As thin as…

I was stoked to learn that “Paper Man,” a new movie starring Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone and my main man, Ryan Reynolds, was showing here in NYC. “Paper Man” is up at just two theaters nationwide…and I can get to one of them by subway.

In the words of my friend Jennifer…

“Rock on.”

In “Paper Man,” Daniels portrays a writer who can’t seem to move forward without the help of his life-long imaginary friend, Captain Excellent (portrayed by Reynolds).  Daniels meets Stone — who has her own childhood traumas — and they develop an unlikely — I should have underlined ‘unlikely’ — friendship.

I saw “Paper Man” last night.  And I learned two very important things.

Number 1:  A funny line does not equal plot.

Number 2:  Ryan Reynolds, his buff body so aptly displayed in superhero tights, cannot rescue a movie from the aforementioned lack of plot.

(I think I knew both of these before I sat down.  Tragically, the filmmakers did not.)

If “Paper Man” comes to your town and you are moved to see it due to the cast as I was, know that you will still enjoy looking at Ryan Reynolds’ sculpted body.  But you can do this by visiting the website or gazing upon the movie poster — no need to actually sit through the film.

That being said, I do think the performances were good.  The actors gave the material more than it deserved.

They showed up.

The plot…did not.