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Laugh it off

I didn’t watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2015 with Ryan Seacrest, so I missed Idina Menzels’ performance of  the ubiquitous “Let It Go.”

idina-menzel-responds-to-critics-of-let-it-goRumor has it she botched the final high note.

(Haters on Twitter made sure that everyone knew.)

So Idina went on Twitter and defended herself, saying she is ‘more than one note.’

I can understand wanting to stand up to the backlash, but laughing at the sour note might be more effective.  Audiences love when people in the public eye can be self-deprecating.

Plus, why give nameless, faceless trolls the satisfaction of seeing you rattled?

Let it go, Idina.


A bit buggy

If the insect world has a ‘hot list,’ bed bugs are at the top.  They are the most talked about, Googled, and feared of the creepie crawlies.

(They’re like Lindsay Lohan…but with better spin control.)

So I was surprised to discover how under-utilized bed bugs have been in movies, television and books. Did we just realize how gross and scary these mattress mites are?

I can only find one movie featuring the critters on imdb.com — aptly titled “Bed Bugs” — and it’s a 17-minute short produced in 2006, years before the recent hysteria, seemingly fueled by a combination of increased international travel and  — shall we say — inconsistent hygiene.

But now that people are totally spooked — ripping back the sheets at the finest hotels and even checking theater seats for ‘lint that moves’ — I think it’s time to step up the infiltration of bed bugs in pop culture as well.

We need bed bugs as…

  • spokes critters on Hallmark greeting cards
  • cartoon villains on Saturday morning TV
  • main characters in children’s books
  • monsters in horror films — perhaps the next “Saw” movie?
  • or even as sidekicks for Ryan Seacrest.  (Hey — “American Idol” can’t get much worse, right?)

The possibilities are endless!  Everyone in the creative community can do their part.

(If only Lindsay’s career had as many avenues for success…)

Weak offense

Well, CNN, I hope it was worth it.

You knew it was coming, and you let it happen.  Probably hoped it would.  Thought the prospect of Kathy Griffin misbehaving would improve your ratings against the mega-tradition of “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest.  (I mean, they put J Lo in a see-through bodysuit, for goodness sakes.)

So, you let Kathy co-host with poor, defenseless Anderson Cooper, even after she all but promised to let the profanity fly during the broadcast.  I’ll admit I was interested in hearing the outcome, even though I didn’t end up watching.

She did use the F-word, as expected….but in a very pedestrian way.  And only once.  Anderson’s reply?  “You’re terrible.  Really terrible.”  And then he went on with the show.

Boring, Kathy.  Bor-ing.  And very beneath your usual spectacle.  In fact, it kinda looked like an A-lister pretending to be a D-lister.

Uh oh.  Looks like Kathy has gotten too big…to act small.