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For your own safety

After nearly a decade living in the Big Apple, I think this could work.

It’s like the autobahn — the two lanes would simply have different speed limits.

And no standing and staring ‘up’ allowed in the New Yorkers lane, either.

#ihearttourists #willbeoneagainsoon

I see the light

I live across from a police precinct in Manhattan.

Could there be a safer location?

police precinct

I’ve always felt safe here. Police are on the street around the clock….and within reach at a moment’s notice.

But since the two grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in incidents in both New York City and Ferguson, it feels somewhat less so. Granted, demonstrations in Manhattan have been organized and peaceful to date — and none have ventured down my side street — but you sense that police are in a heightened state of alert.

Case in point, the station across from my building has their flood lights on every night, so our street is always daylight-bright.  When my dog and I go out for a walk at 7pm or midnight — or 3am if necessary — it looks like the middle of the afternoon.

So in a sense, I guess it’s even safer now. And probably keeping the people on the front of the building awake at night.


Yellow means caution

Have you seen a yellow ribbon on a dog’s leash while out in your neighborhood? It’s not a fashion statement.

It means a whole lot more.

The Yellow Ribbon Project is a quick visual signal that a dog needs a little extra space. It’s for your — and the dog’s — protection.

Read all about it below:

yellow ribbon project
Please be aware and share!

Safety is fun!

Move over, Southwest Airlines.  There’s a new contender for ‘funniest in the air.’

Delta Airlines

Their new safety video is filled with sight gags large and small.  I’ve seen it on two flights, and am still discovering all the little surprises they have left for the attentive viewer.

juggling chainsawscartwheelsMy favorites?  Bogus safety stickers featured on distant cabin walls.  Sure, we are used to observing “No smoking” and “No electronics”…but “No juggling chainsaws” and “No cartwheels”?

(The video version on my flight also featured “No comb overs”, which I sadly could not find online.)

A robot turns himself off when the cabin door shuts.  The main spokesperson changes clothing and accessories for no apparent reason. And remember the “cat lady” who did the previous safety video for Delta? She makes a cameo, too.

It’s worth a watch or two or seven.  I’ve never enjoyed a safety video more. Or, in fact…

Watched one.