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One ringy dingy

Finally — some good news!

Lily Tomlin

The very funny Lily Tomlin will be presented with the Live Achievement Award at tonight’s SAG Awards.

Since Lily’s parents are from Paducah, Kentucky — a city very close to my hometown — this feels like a big win for small town girls everywhere.

I saw Lily in Paducah. She was eating with a friend at Chuck e Cheese. The waitress recognized her, and then she was very quickly surrounded by fans. She was really nice about it, which made me like her even more.

Actually, any celebrity that eats at Chuck e Cheese is a friend of mine.

See this

Last night Julianne Moore won a SAG Award for her work in Still Alice.

still aliceI saw the movie on Sunday, so I know why.

Her portrayal of a 50-year old Columbia University professor with early on-set Alzheimer’s is amazing…because you can’t see what she’s doing.

She simply has Alzheimer’s.

And everyone around her in the movie looks like they’re acting.

In the movie scene represented by the still above, Julianne’s character is out running in her New York City neighborhood, and is suddenly lost.  She starts to hyperventilate, and everything becomes an unrecognizable blur. The audience is in there with her.

It’s really scary.

I won’t pretend this movie is easy to watch, but I think it’s important to see.

An award with heft

I’m watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

It’s not the first time. It won’t be the last.

SAG awardBut it is the first time I have paid much attention to the Actor — the SAG Award statuette given to the winners.

You notice that the image at left shows only a partial view of the award; most of the images I could find online do the same.

You may ask why.

I believe it is because the Actor is well-endowed.  Very well-endowed.  I made this discovery this year when they showed a montage of award winners remarking on just that fact.

So.  Now you know.

SAG Award fullAnd now you can see for yourself.

(This was the biggest photo I could find.)

Star baby

Like many of you, I loved watching the Golden Globes last night, and look forward to the many award shows yet to come.

SAG Awards.  BAFTAs.  Independent Spirit Awards.  And of course, the almighty Oscars.

But a part of the process I don’t enjoy that much is the red carpet coverage.  Sure, it’s fun to see the array of fashion do’s and don’ts, but the inane interviews make even the most beautiful gowns painful to behold.

I read a book last night instead.  (You can see the dresses during the ceremony, right?)

Perhaps if I had a red carpet history like Tyler Sercombe, I’d feel differently.

At the ripe ol’ age of one, Tyler has already been photographed with more than 130 celebrities, including Meryl Streep, George Clooney, and Johnny Depp.

Her mom Donna started taking her to premieres when she was a month old. They have been to about 60 so far.

Yep.  I’d put my book down for that.

Oscar unworthy

I’m headed to Los Angeles this weekend — for work,  of course.  But my hotel is located right next door to the Grammy Awards venue.

I know, right?

Another red carpet, another round of celebrity self-congratulations.  And as the Academy Awards draw ever nearer, I have to say — this year’s awards season seems even more shallow than usual.  The nominees, the producers, the directors, and even the Oscar voters, I dare say, have abandoned even the appearance of giving out the statutes based on quality.

You just gotta be popular.

Producers always run elaborate pre-Oscar marketing campaigns for movies and their stars, but this year, even the actors are purchasing full-page ads in industry publications ‘for your consideration.’

Case in point: Melissa Leo, Best Supporting Actress nominee for her gritty performance in  “The Fighter,” (which has already garnered her three other trophies).

Chillax, Melissa.  You’ve been considered.  And shee-shee pics like these may swing opinion in the other direction.

The popularity of  the leading actors in The King’s Speech is also one of the main reasons it has of late pulled ahead of The Social Network in the awards race — not because Speech is a better film.  (It’s not.)  This became especially clear during the SAG Awards telecast.

When the casts of both movies appeared on stage during the show, the good feelings that washed over the cast of The King’s Speech were palpable…. whereas the young entourage from The Social Network was prickly, awkward and off-putting.

Heck, I wanted TSN to win, and I didn’t like their attitude that night much either.  But I would hope — if I had the opportunity to vote for any of the awards — that I could separate my personal feelings about any of the nominees from their work in the films.

If the Oscars are going to mean anything now and in the future, the voting community has to man up, act like adults and vote based on the quality of the filmmaking…not just ‘who’s their buddy.’

But then again, maybe none of them are that good of actors.

Wouldn’t it be nice…

“I still think awards are stupid…but they would be less stupid if they went to the right people.”
— Ron Swanson, Parks & Recreation

I have a dream….

That the 2010 Oscars aren’t a  boring repeat of the Golden Globes and SAG Awards and every other awards show that has gone before them…

That I will be rewarded for the hours I devote to the red carpet coverage and show telecast with actual entertainment.

That the actors and films I like get the statuettes they deserve.

So this year, instead of making Oscar predictions — which at this point is pretty darn easy — I am listing my Oscar favorites….because if someone else wins, it won’t change my mind.

SUPPORTING ACTRESS — Anna Kendrick, “Up in the Air”
Anna deserves it.  She went toe-to-toe with George Clooney and made the movie.  I know Monique is going to win, but we’re talking who I like, remember?

SUPPORTING ACTOR — Christoph Waltz, “Inglourious Basterds”
I boycotted this movie (long story), but I have loved his interviews.  Bet his acceptance speech is killer.

ACTRESS — Carey Mulligan, “An Education”
I love Sandra, but the “The Blind Side” being nominated for best picture Oscar was not legit.  “An Education” was…and so was Mulligan.

ACTOR — George Clooney, “Up in the Air”
Jeff Bridges is gonna win, but Clooney’s performance was original and emotional. “Crazy Heart” is just “The Wrestler” with a guitar.

ANIMATED FEATURE FILM — “The Secret of the Kells”
I hadn’t even heard of this film until a week or so ago, but I’m intrigued.

I correctly picked this film to win the Golden Globe based on a trailer, and I’m sticking with it.

ORIGINAL SCORE — “The Hurt Locker”
It takes a special score to accompany bombs bursting in air.

ORIGINAL SONG — Take It All, “Nine”
I loved all the music in this movie.  Too bad the movie didn’t live up to it.

ADAPTED SCREENPLAY — Jason Reitman, “Up in the Air”
Relevant to today. Emotional. Authentic. Didn’t steal from “Dances with Wolves.”  Give him the Oscar!

ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY — Quentin Tarentino, “Inglourious Basterd”
If we can convince him he’s a good writer, maybe he’ll stop directing such gore fests.

DIRECTOR — Jason Reitman, “Up in the Air”
I think a director who can write and direct a story in an original way that speaks to everyone — and who doesn’t need to use CGI or bombs or scalping to keep your attention — is Oscar-worthy.

PICTURE — “Up in the Air”
I’ve seen it twice.  Would see it again.  Can’t recommend it enough.

No excuse

Celebrities have no excuse for bad hair.


Actors, especially those who  have played a variety of roles and have seen themselves in different hair styles and hair colors and wigs and even different eye color and makeup combinations, should know — by the time a major event like the Golden Globes or SAG Awards or Grammys roll around — what hair style looks best on their person.

And yet, time and time again, celebrities turn up at these events looking either dowdy as hell or like they just got out of bed or so genuinely freaky, that I doubt they glanced in the mirror before they walked the red carpet.

I know these actors and singers hire stylists to present them in their best light.  But I have decided those same stylists are simply taking care of their own career…which apparently means dressing the actors in whatever label is best for their business and whatever hair style will get the most attention.

But bad attention is still attention.  So, hey — let’s make a bird’s nest out of Drew Barrymore’s hair and see if E! mentions her in their red carpet coverage.

You got your wish, Drew.  Your face is everywhere, but you’re getting slammed for your hairstyle instead of congratulated for your win.  Did your stylist really do her job?

A lot of these celebs would do themselves an enormous favor by cutting the size of their entourage and replacing them with a big ol’ dose of reality.

Look in the mirror with your own eyes and trust your judgment for a change.  Do you think you look like an idiot?

Chances are, you’re right.

The winner is…

Oscar, I hope you were watching the SAG Awards last night.

If you didn’t, no matter. Just replay the Golden Globe Awards in your mind…they were pretty much the same show.

The same actors took the stage to accept their awards. Some even pretended to still be surprised to have won. They did vary their speeches a bit, which I appreciate, because I — a great lover of awards shows — am already bored with the 2010 season. And I sense the actors are, too.

Come on, guys. Time was that you could expect each awards show to have a different perspective on entertainment and, as a result, a slightly different list of winners. The audience — both in attendance and at home — actually had something to gasp at in surprise. More than one actor had to prepare a speech.

Now it feels like you all got together the first week of January and picked your favorites, which is advantageous to absolutely no one.

So Oscar, do us all a favor — the actors included. Surprise us with the unexpected. Shine a light on the quality performances that have been overlooked. Reward nuance over shouting.

Give us a reason to watch.