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Ah, youth

Poor Snigdha Nandipati.

The 14-year old from San Diego won the 85th Scripps National Spelling Bee…

…the same year that six-year old Lori Anne Madison from Virginia was in the competition.

Lori Anne, who on Wednesday fell four points short of making the semifinals, was treated to a 25-minute news conference with reporters Thursday morning.

One has to wonder if Snigdha will get the same attention.  Does her calm and collected manner, her aspirations to become a psychiatrist or neurosurgeon, her coin collection have any chance against a tiny, home-schooled prodigy?

Lori Anne is a reporter’s dream.  When asked to describe her experience at the Bee, she replied:

“Overall, it was boring. Really boring! Really boring!” 

We spell that S-A-S-S.



Comic Con is in full swing this weekend in San Diego.  And I’m not there….again.  So, I’m bitter.  Again.

I know, I should stop my whining and get my butt out there.  I mean, seriously — even Hallmark Cards has a booth.  And I know them!

But instead, here I am in Boston, spending my entire day making a living.

Or am I?

Perhaps that’s really me behind those dark glasses…sporting a sexier version of Star Wars stormtrooper gear.  (The black inserts are slimming, don’t you agree?)

And any girl will tell you when your best friend has blue hair, the guys are gonna look your way.

(That is a girl…right?)

Or perhaps that’s me in full costume dressed as a…well, as a…cat? With Harry Potter taped glasses, even.

I do have green eyes, and although I’m not a big fan of pink hair on a normal day, I think the green and gold jumpsuit saves it.

A cat superhero?  I can get behind that for a day.

(Just don’t tell my dog.)

Yes, maybe ‘being’ at Comic Con is just a state of mind.  Maybe being a geek is enough.

A geek that whines — goodness knows I’m working that so far.

Geek love

In high school we knew — someday we’d have our revenge.

(They even made a movie about it.)

Now we rule the world.  Nerds and geeks created your computer and your smart phone and your mpg player and Facebook and Twitter and all the technology that today, you can’t live without.

It’s even cool to be a geek.  Geeks are sexy.  Geeks are reluctant spies like “Chuck” or good-looking renegade space captains like Mal Reynolds in “Firefly” or scientists taking their geekness to new levels like Sheldon on “Big Bang Theory.”

And geek fans?  They’re the coolest by far.  Everybody wants them — movies, television shows, cartoons, comic books — you name it.  They are the most sought after population on the planet…or so it would appear this week.

Comic Con, the comic book conference that up until a few years ago people only attended under fake names or the cover of darkness, is now the biggest show on the planet.  Major celebrities are in San Diego as we speak promoting their new movie, TV show, or animated series…and I think they still do comic books, too.

It’s insane.  I am so jealous that I’m not there….

With my people.

Someone…get me a t-shirt?


Wanna know if it’s gonna rain?

Don’t bother watching the Weather Channel.  Just check my travel itinerary…cause I’m pretty sure rain is following me wherever I go.

Paranoid much?  You tell me.

It started last Thursday when I took a quick trip to Boston to teach a class at Boston University.  It was raining in New York City when I left, and as my MegaBus rolled into town, the rain rolled right into Boston with me…and stayed.

My friends blamed me.  We all laughed.

It was sunny the morning I left Boston, but as my bus entered the New York City limits, the clouds gathered and the rain began to fall.  Welcome home, Carla.

Next, I was off to Akron where the sun was shining.  By the time I left, Ohio was weeping.

Yesterday I was on the plane en route to Kansas City.  The pilot reported 65 and sunny in the city of barbecue — the curse was broken!  — but as we made our approach, a freak rainstorm began, and weather reports said the rain should last about 48 hours.

That’s how long I’m in town.

Next stop for Carla?  San Diego.  And we all know that means ‘whale’s vagina.’  But after I leave?

It will just be another sad, rainy city left in my wake.