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Feeling bookish

Facebook — a waste of time?

Maybe…but what an educational one!

While checking this morning’s newsfeed, I noticed a friend had shared a photo of street art in Mexico. Clicking on it for a better look took me to the Street Art Utopia community page, where I discovered the photo below of De Batavier in Lootstraat, Amsterdam.


De Batavier is a facade of books designed by artist Sanja Medic, ceramist P. Kemink and graphic designers Melle Hammer and Susanne Laws. The facade contains 250 ceramic books, the spines of which contain the names of actual works from 18th and 19th century Dutch writers and poets.

The installment was commissioned by Dutch housing organization De Alliantie and HVDN Architects.

I had never seen or heard of this building before today’s random search, but as a book lover, it really speaks to me.  And if I hadn’t been goofing around on Facebook, I’m not sure I would have ever heard of it.

Let’s hear it for wasting time!