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In 7 days…

During this fortnight that is Wimbledon, I can’t get enough tennis.

7DaysInHell-720x1066But that’s not why I loved and fervently recommend 7 Days in Hell, the hilarious mockumentary scheduled to air this Saturday night on HBO.

(I saw it early OnDemand. Gotta love OnDemand.)

Andy Samberg (SNL, Brooklyn 99) is Aaron Williams, a washed up former tennis star long removed from the game who returns for one last epic match against his bitter rival, young tennis phenom Charles Poole, played by Kit Harington (the late — or is he? — Jon Snow of Game of Thrones).

The match goes the full five sets and, since it is played at Wimbledon, does not have a tie break in the final set. So the play goes on and on — for a variety of bizarre reasons — for seven long days.

John Isner and Nicolas Mahut will be a tad jealous when they see why.  (They hold the real record for the longest match at Wimbledon, iffin you didn’t know — 11 hours, 5 minutes of play over three days.)

There are tons of cameos by celebrities from television, film, tennis, even the world of magic. The story is outrageous, but the documentary format is honored, so it looks right…

Even though it is gloriously wrong.

Deja super vu

Second only to Pete Carroll’s really bad play call in the final seconds of last night’s Super Bowl is Left Shark.

He even has his own hashtag on Twitter.

Don’t know who #leftshark is? He was one of Katy Perry’s backup dancers. And his moves and killer costume earned him, in a matter of moments, his own Twitter account and social media stardom.

But just like his lesser lauded twin, Right Shark, I found Perry’s entire entourage a bit derivative.

There. I said it.

When I turned over to the half-time show, I thought I was watching a repeat of Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

pee wee

Ya gotta admit — the stage show borrowed his color palette.

And #leftshark? I’m pretty sure his ancestor showed up on Saturday Night Live some 35 years ago.

Landshark2So, don’t feel so bad, Pete.

You weren’t the only one who made a bad call last night.

See you next year

I love Bill Hader and the characters he played on Saturday Night Live.

Stefan is legendary.


But Hader hosting SNL three weeks into the new season? He only left last spring.  That will make two episodes without him before his triumphant return.

Can you say premature celebration?

As a wise friend told me once, give people a chance to miss you.

(Incidentally,  I have taken this advice about as well as Bill.)

We’re really nice

While this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live with guest host Charlize Theron won’t go on any “Best of” lists, there was one Digital Short that is getting a lot of attention.



In “Tourists,” SNL cast members (including Theron) dressed up as — you got it — tourists and pranked the good people of New York City with indecipherable questions, unknown accents, picture taking confusion and general craziness.

It was very funny.

And I want to point out — despite all the weirdness that SNL threw at them, every New Yorker really tried to help them out.

Points for us!

Baby boy dance party

I loved the musical sketch “Boy Dance Party” when it aired on Saturday Night Live way back in October.  Bruce Willis and all the guys dancing around the living room while the girls were away?

Instant classic.

If possible, it has been made even better with the addition of a very enthusiastic toddler.

baby body dance party








His parents won’t let people embed the video, but you can still enjoy it on Youtube.

(I like the kid way better than them.)

Do I look older?

Director Alexander Payne and I have never seen eye to eye.

Since his movie Election (which I did like), the rest of his filmsSideways, Cedar Rapids, The Descendants — just don’t speak to me.

I doubt he’s losing sleep over it.

NEBRASKAThat didn’t stop me from getting excited to see his latest awards magnet Nebraska, starring Bruce Dern and Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte.

It seemed to have it all.

The two leading men, of course.  The black-and-white look, which seemed perfect for this road trip film.  Great trailers, too.

Tragically, Alex has led me astray yet again.

In the film, the car trip takes three or four days.  I would swear the movie — advertised as 1 hour 54 minutes — is actually that long.  It is slow…so very slow.

The driving sequences are slow.  The conversations are slow.  There’s a couple of fights scenes, and their fists look like they are in slow motion even though they’re not.

I really enjoyed three scenes in the movie. And the performances are wonderful — especially June Squibb, who plays Bruce Dern’s kick of a wife.   But there are long stretches of your life…

..that you will never get back.

That’s Saturday, BTW

fallons back

I know I’m excited.

Are you?

Seven years or less

Can you believe The Rachael Ray Show has been on the air since the fall of 2006?

I moved to Manhattan that July; her show debuted a few months later.  And I signed up for free tickets on the website.

They arrived in my inbox today.

rachael rayCan you believe that??

I mean, I don’t watch the show anymore, so I don’t really care.  But how can The Rachael Ray Show have a seven-year waiting list?

I live right down the street, for cripes sake.  You’d think at some point they would have called me to fill in on a slow taping day.  Other more popular shows certainly have once I was on their mailing list.

Even Late Show with Jimmy Fallon reserves seats a month out.  I’ve been able to see Daily Show several times.  Saturday Night Live and Late Night with David Letterman are harder tickets to score, but even they have standby lines.

So what’s the deal with The Rachel Ray Show?

Maybe it’s her Oprah-esque giveaways that limit her tickets.  I want to think that.  Let’s think that.

Wonder what I’ll get…

Double take

Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney?

dylan or dermott


Thanks, Saturday Night Live for finally clearing that up.

I think.

Trading places

Celebrities — they’re just like us.

Not. Even. Close.

While watching reruns on television last night — yes, it’s that very sad time of year — I was treated to not one but two commercials that referenced Alec Baldwin’s infamous inflight meltdown.

You remember — he was playing Words with Friends after the plane door had closed and had a very heated exchange with the American flight attendants.  Then a very heated Twitter tirade about same.

Then he closed his Twitter account.

Months later, his Twitter is open.  He even made fun of the account on a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live.  And now not only Capitol One has referenced the incident in their latest ad — starring Baldwin, of course — but also a commercial highlighting the inventors of…

Words with Friends.

Yep, stuff like that happens to me all the time when I have travel mishaps.

Not. Even. Close.