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I’ve got a dream!

When I was eight years old, I sat down at the dining room table with my mother and shared my plans to move the family to New York City.

While impressed, she decided to stay in Kentucky.

But the dream remained and I finally made it — have been living here for seven years, in fact.

Watching the movie Tangled on Disney Channel reminded me of that dream.

What’s yours?

Fits to a tee

This is not the first rainy Saturday afternoon that I have spent with a golf tournament on television.

animated golf puttBut it is the first time in memory that I’ve watched two golf tourneys.

At the same time.

The PGA Tour is at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas; the Senior PGA Championship is being held in St. Louis, and CBS and NBC are providing coverage head-to-head.

It’s cool.  I can monitor both…

As long as they don’t synchronize their commercial breaks.

Heroes come in all sizes

What are you up to this fine Saturday?

tbbt comic book

Getting yourself a FREE COMIC BOOK????

That’s what I thought.

Lost my train of thought

If my Saturday was a train, it would be derailed.

And what was the object blocking the tracks?

while you were sleepingWhile You Were Sleeping (1995)

This classic romantic comedy (which I have seen way too many times to count) aired on HBO mid-morning — right about the time on a Saturday that you make that fateful decision:

Productive or potato?

But when I heard the first strains of the movie soundtrack, I knew I was beat.  I love watching Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman together on screen…even if it is for the hundredth time.

So there I sat for the next two hours.  And then I had to walk the dog and eat lunch and watch the painful UK-UT game and suddenly — it’s late afternoon.

Oh well.  Tomorrow I won’t turn on the premium channels so early here at the ‘station.’



What’s left of me at week’s end.

Saturday and Sunday,  you have never been more welcome or more needed.

We shall overcome.

Order up

I appreciate brunch.

That’s a good thing, ’cause in New York City, brunch is king.

It’s not just for Sundays, either. Lots of restaurants offer it on Saturday, too. And it’s not an option, either — you eat brunch or nothing at all.

That’s the part that doesn’t fit with the city itself.

New Yorkers do what they want, when they want, and we all define that differently. Do restaurants really think we can agree on a meal…even on the weekend?

Good luck with that.

‘Round in circles

It’s Saturday. The weather is cool and comfortable.

You know what it would be the perfect night for?

FS Design Studio, Jim Rhoads and Louis Sinclair








Coney Island, anyone?