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Harry scary

Thinking about seeing The Woman in Black, starring Daniel Radcliffe, this weekend?
The Sticky Egg was at the theatre first thing this morning to bring you this review.

Plus, I don’t see scary movies close to bedtime.  I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. (Remind me to tell you about my Blair Witch Project fiasco sometime.)

The Woman in Black is my favorite kind of horror film.  The ghosts are scary, but they pretty much stay in one place — in this instance, an old haunted house in Yorkshire at the turn of the century.  There’s also no gore.

I hate gore.

Daniel Radcliffe, who has joked about being cast as Harry Potter because of his ‘orphan eyes,’ uses them to full effect here as a still grieving widowed lawyer sent to the haunted manse on business for the former owner.

Once there, he sees the legendary Woman in Black and soon children in the village begin to die in horrific ways.

I love the look of the film — so gray and cold.  I kept burrowing under my coat to get warm in the theatre.  Radcliffe disappears into the role as well; you won’t confuse him with Harry here.  The film is well paced, building slowly and eerily towards it climax.

Or what you think is the climax.

Bwha ha ha.



I like scary things.

I like scary movies — not gory, mind you, but scary.  I saw all three Paranormal Activity films (even the last one which spit all over the franchise) and can’t wait for Daniel Radcliffe’s new venture The Woman in Black.

The trailer totally creeps me out.

I like scary TV shows, too.  American Horror Story is easily the spookiest thing I have ever seen on television (next to Dark Shadows from my childhood days).

Being scared — if only for an instant — is big fun.

But getting a friend request from your unborn child on Facebook? That’s sick scary….as in just a little too real to laugh about later.

But that’s how Olla Condoms, a Brazilian company, has chosen to market their products.  They randomly select men on Facebook, create a fake profile for their unborn sons and then send friend requests with the message “Avoid surprises like this. Use Olla Condoms.”

Jeepers creepers.

It reminds me of a Halloween card that Shoebox had in their line years ago — they may still.  It featured a women on the cover saying, “For Halloween, I wanted to send you the scariest card I could find.”

Inside it said, “I’m pregnant.”

Talk about scary — I couldn’t even hold the card in my hand.