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So filling

I saw the new musical Waitress on Wednesday.

waitressA lot has already been written about that particular performance, since they had to stop the show twice to deal with scenery malfunction…but no one was complaining.

Sara Bareilles was the entertainment during the break.

It’s not the first time I have experienced stoppages like this on Broadway.  When I saw Harvey starring Jim Parsons from “The Big Bang Theory,” they too had pesky set pieces that simply would not move.

That’s what you get when you go to early previews.

And with Waitress, you get a wonderful, heart-felt, truly hilarious take on one of my favorite films.  Kudos to the casting director, because every role was spot-on — especially the male supporting characters, who stole the show every time they stepped out on stage.

Drew Gehling as Dr. Pomatter — a role originated by my man Nathan Fillion in the movie — has big shoes to fill and does it with unique comedic timing and fantastic chemistry with star Jessie Mueller.  But the biggest ovation at curtain call — rightly so — went to Christopher Fitzgerald, who chews up the scenery (or should I say pie?) as the quirky Ogie the Elf.

The music is wonderful, and ya gotta love any set that features a cherry pie curtain, even if the darn thing doesn’t work all that well.  Because the show?






Hey ya’ll


And I really mean hay! I am in Kentucky.

Is that a gorgeous view or what?

Riding the rails


I was playing with my phone during the ride home on the train tonight,  and took this shot.

It matched my mood. Kinda like it.


Picture this

It’s vacation photo time, and the debate rages on —

Are you in…or are you out?

Some folks take purely scenic shots of their travels.  You’d never know they were there by looking at their snaps…but one could argue these pics are more beautiful and well-composed.

I am firmly in this camp.

Others seem compelled to place themselves and their traveling companions in every single picture.  These lines of two or three or sometimes ten people or more are proof-positive of their presence at each location, but often obscure their very surroundings.

Of course, their smiling faces do add a nice touch.

So, what’s your picture preference?  Which side do you snap on? If I grabbed your camera phone right now, what would I find…before you had me arrested, of course?