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An award with heft

I’m watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

It’s not the first time. It won’t be the last.

SAG awardBut it is the first time I have paid much attention to the Actor — the SAG Award statuette given to the winners.

You notice that the image at left shows only a partial view of the award; most of the images I could find online do the same.

You may ask why.

I believe it is because the Actor is well-endowed.  Very well-endowed.  I made this discovery this year when they showed a montage of award winners remarking on just that fact.

So.  Now you know.

SAG Award fullAnd now you can see for yourself.

(This was the biggest photo I could find.)

The winner is…

Oscar, I hope you were watching the SAG Awards last night.

If you didn’t, no matter. Just replay the Golden Globe Awards in your mind…they were pretty much the same show.

The same actors took the stage to accept their awards. Some even pretended to still be surprised to have won. They did vary their speeches a bit, which I appreciate, because I — a great lover of awards shows — am already bored with the 2010 season. And I sense the actors are, too.

Come on, guys. Time was that you could expect each awards show to have a different perspective on entertainment and, as a result, a slightly different list of winners. The audience — both in attendance and at home — actually had something to gasp at in surprise. More than one actor had to prepare a speech.

Now it feels like you all got together the first week of January and picked your favorites, which is advantageous to absolutely no one.

So Oscar, do us all a favor — the actors included. Surprise us with the unexpected. Shine a light on the quality performances that have been overlooked. Reward nuance over shouting.

Give us a reason to watch.

Imitation nation

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

And in Hollywood, it’s the best way to make a buck.

Alcon Entertainment was as surprised as anyone by the enormous box office success of “The Blind Side,” which has raked in over $210 million to date.  Add to that Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for Sandra Bullock as Best Actress.

Not too shabby.

No doubt studio executives and their minions are scrambling to find scripts or, indeed, any projects they might already have in the can that would strike a similar chord with the audience.

The winner to the starting gate?  CBS Films with the January 22nd release of “Extraordinary Measures,” starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford.

Let’s see how it stacks up.

True story?  √

Involves children in crisis?  Even more so.  This film has two children…and they are dying of an incurable disease.  √ √

Happy ending?  If you are going to put us through a story about dying children, there had better be.  √

Big stars?  Harrison Ford big enough for you?  √

I think we have a winner!

Note — “Extraordinary Measures” was one of the first CBS Films placed in production after it was established in 2007.  Try as I might, I couldn’t find out when it was actually completed, though.  Who knows?  The success of “The Blind Side” may have given it new life.

Isn’t that (sniff) the most amazing (sniff sniff) story ever??