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Missing Who

I’m watching the season premiere of Doctor Who on BBC America.

Of course, it’s not just a new season, but an entirely new doctor — Scottish actor Peter Capaldi now portrays the regenerated Doctor Who, replacing the very beloved Matt Smith.

Peter-Capaldi-Doctor-Who-Time-of-the-Doctormatt smith doctor who




So far companion Clara is having trouble accepting the ‘update’…and I have to admit, so am I.

I started watching the series with Matt at the helm.  While I’ve seen clips from past shows and different doctors — and think I would have enjoyed David Tennant’s take on the role —

I don’t want another doctor.

Of course, it’s been less than one episode. I know on an intellectual level that Capaldi will make the role his own, and, with time, I’ll probably be on board. Still…

Change is so hard.



Okay, so I checked.  I haven’t talked about Dancing with the Stars since late August…before the show even premiered.

Talk about self-control.

Now the competition is in full swing.  I like David and Carson and find Nancy Grace annoying as predicted.  They’ve had their first truly shocking celebrity elimination — Kristin Cavallari, say it isn’t so!

But, as usual, the team that is surging to the forefront — the one that is the clear audience and judge’s favorite is…

Derek Hough + one

It doesn’t matter who he dances with, really.  She can be famous, unknown, tall, short, talented, or just so-so.  If Derek is dancing with her — and choreographing their numbers — you will be hard-pressed to find another pair that can take that glittery, mirror ball trophy away from him.

Except maybe his sister Julianne…and she’s moved on to bigger and better things.  (See Footloose this weekend.)

If you aren’t a DWTS watcher — my my, what you are missing — go to the Intertubes and get a load of Derek and Ricki Lakes’ tango to the Psycho movie theme song that they danced last night.



Jury is in

After spending almost four years in an Italian prison, Amanda Knox is free, her murder conviction overturned.  Amanda’s happy.  Her family is overjoyed.

And the producers of Homeland are thrilled.

Didn’t connect those dots?  Let me do it for you, because it was my first TV-obsessed thought after hearing the verdict.

Homeland premiered last night on Showtime.  It follows the story of Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody, who returns home after being held eight years in enemy territory.  He’s given a hero’s welcome by everyone except rogue CIA agent Carrie Mathison, who believes Brody was turned and is now working for Al Qaeda.

That’s just the first episode, guys.

Now, Amanda Knox is no American hero.  Her lawyers contend she is just a young woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time (although she was found guilty of slander against police and a barman she falsely accused in the crime).

But I’m more concerned about her time in jail.  Like the Marine hero of Homeland, Amanda spent years confined in a foreign prison.  What did that do to her spirit?  To her loyalties?

She may not have been turned by a foreign country — Italy and the US were pretty friendly the last time I checked — but other forces could have ‘turned’ this impressionable, imprisoned youth.

Okay…not likely. But these are just the kind of comparisons that Showtime executives are hoping viewers will make to keep their series timely and top-of-mind.

At least, until the next Amanda Knox movie is produced.

Sonic boom

I know I need to watch one of these 1960’s era programs.

I missed Mad Men right out of the gate and could never seem to catch up.  I skipped The Playboy Club for reasons too numerous to mention.

I wasn’t going to let Pan Am pass me by.

(I may not be nostalgic by nature, but I am competitive when it comes to TV viewing.)

Did you catch the Pan Am premiere Sunday night?  The stewardess look and lifestyle is definitely romanticized.  I found the show somewhat candy-coated and overly optimistic…but not the kind that makes you sick to your stomach — the kind that makes you stare and go, “Gosh, I wish I’d lived back then.”  (And I only missed it by a couple of years.)

My biggest complaint with Pan Am? 

The music’s too loud.

Seriously.  The scoring for this series is so loud, it often overpowers the action on screen.  I know the producers are trying to establish a certain ambiance, but they need to remember:

Not all the viewers were born back then.  They can turn it down a notch.

In writing

For those of you who watched the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, the big question wasn’t:

What will Alec Baldwin do next?

No, the big question surfaced on Twitter moments after the show went off the air.  (Yes, I stayed up that late; I really did.)

Alec Baldwin had said his thank you’s.  The audience was cheering.  The group hugs were just about to commence.  And then Alec held up a sign made out of cue card board that read:

Oh, how Twitter caught fire! Who is this mystery women? Who could she be?

Who is Carla?

Before anyone else says a thing, I claim the cue card. I’ve got your Carla right here.

Yep, it’s me.

You see, I met Alec Baldwin a couple of years ago on the set of 30 Rock.  We spent two days together at a country club outside Tarreytown, New York.  Sure, I was just an extra, but he noticed me…especially when I was pulled forward with two other women to do a scene with Tracey Morgan.

For the next 13 takes, Tracey ad-libbed silly compliments about the three of us. Our job? Laugh at whatever he said. And Alec kept stepping forward to offer ideas for Tracy’s lines.

The important part of this story?  Alec Baldwin spoke to me at one point.  Oh yes, he did.

And here’s the proof in writing — he’s never forgotten either.

[Still] more vampires

You write a blog long enough, you’re bound to start repeating yourself.

Or just realize your pleas are going unanswered.

Way back in August 2009 — when The Sticky Egg had just been hatched — I begged the writers of True Blood to give more screen time to the vamps in Season 2.

And after last night’s season premiere, I feel a repeat of that column — with the appropriate updates, of course — is in order:

Dear True Blood writers:

I started watching your show because of your clever ad campaign featuring vampires. They’re hot right now, as you are well aware. And Bill Compton? He’s really hot.

The first year of the series, you kept me and no doubt a lot of True Blood viewers very happy. It was all Sookie and Bill and the whole vamp storyline. Good times in Bon Temps.

Now, it’s season [four]. [Vampire Eric and Sookie seem poised to pounce upon each other.]  I never thought I’d meet a vampire on True Blood to rival my love for Bill, but there [Eric] is. I want more Eric…and more Bill to battle Eric for Sookie’s affections.

But what is this? Some weirdo [woman bringing birds back to life] in the woods?  In my house, we call this storyline the elongated commercial break before the real players — the vamps — come back on-screen.

The show’s called True Blood.  Show us more of it.

Yep.  Still works.  ‘Cause it’s still true.

King of cameo

Move over, Jon Stewart.  Stephen Colbert, this is the word:

Brian Williams, anchor of “NBC Nightly News.”

We know he’s funny.  He was the first news anchor invited to host “Saturday Night Live” …and he killed it.  Now he’s popping up everywhere, adding his dry wit all over the television lineup.

In case your DVR isn’t quite as active as mine — hey, TV viewing makes you more well-rounded — here are some choice scenes from recent weeks you may have missed.

  • On last night’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Brian ‘slow jammed’ the news headlines with Jimmy and the Roots.  See how Brian counters a shot at his manhood from Jimmy.
  • Last Thursday, Brian popped up again on Jimmy Fallon, this time to pay homage to guest Jon Hamm.  (Apparently, Brian is a big “Mad Man” fan.)  The entire episode is online; Jon pops up — complete with Brian cameo — at the 19:00 mark.
  • Brian even crossed the aisle and visited “Late Show with David Letterman” last month, where David tortured him about doing Jay Leno.  Be sure and watch the entire clip — the ending is classic.

I’ve even spied him doing shtick on the plaza on “Today.”  A cameo from Brian is a hit every time.

Brian, if it were up to me, you would be the host for tonight’s season premiere of “Saturday Night Live”…but since the show went another way, I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that you’ll ‘pop up’ later this year.

Judging Amy

I don’t think Amy Poehler should be the guest host for the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.”

In the two years since she left the show, she’s been back numerous times to do stints on “Weekend Update,” imitate Hillary Clinton, and guest star on the Betty White special.  She still seems like a member of the cast.

Why bring her back now as a “guest host,” especially when the show is introducing four new cast members?

The two new girls — Vanessa Bayer from Second City and Taran Killiam from The Groundlings — will already have to fight tooth and nail for every moment on stage, since most female roles seem to go automatically to Kristen Wiig.

Now you’re adding Amy Poehler to the mix…so all they can hope for is the rudimentary waitress role or maybe the face-in-the crowd scene.  If they get lucky, they’ll be a reporter asking a question from the audience.

Wow — that rocks.

Don’t get me wrong.  When you consider all “Saturday Night Live” femmes — current and former — Amy is near the top of the list.  She’s not only an amazing improviser, character actor and comedienne, but in all interviews and conversations, she appears to be a down-to-earth, nice person.

That is a rare compliment indeed in that business.

But half the fun of “Saturday Night Live” is bringing in an A-list celebrity who’s not the first name in comedy and seeing what they can do.  Remember how unexpectedly great Peyton Manning was as a guest host?  Or Brian Williams from “NBC Nightly News”?  Even a great dramatic actor can quickly lose his footing on SNL — or be amazing like Christopher Walken.  And that’s what we want to see…not a very-very-recent cast member who seems like she never left.

So, while I’m sad Amy’s sitcom “Parks and Recreation” is on hiatus until mid-season — and she’s no doubt looking to fill her schedule — I think there are plenty of other celebs out there (not to mention the new cast members, hello) who are chomping at the bit for the opportunity to show what they can do in the comedy arena.

But Amy?  Girl, you’re good to go.  Give our best to Will and the boys.