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Advantage, Federer

Noshikori and Cilic in Monday night’s US Open Men’s Final?

Tennis fans are in shock.  (I include myself.)

But I would guess most perplexed are the organizers of the US Open themselves.  They wanted Roger Federer in that final game and, I contend, gave him every advantage to get there.


Just take a look at his schedule:

  • Aug. 26th — Round 1, night match, Arthur Ashe
  • Aug. 29th — Round 2, night match, Arthur Ashe
  • Aug. 31st —  Round 3, last match of day session, Arthur Ashe
  • Sept. 2nd — Round 4, night match, Arthur Ashe
  • Sept. 4th —  Quarterfinals, night match, Arthur Ashe
  • Sept. 6th —  Semifinals, rain delayed to early evening, Arthur Ashe

If he were the #1 seed, or the #1 player in the world, you could argue that Federer was given more night matches due to his position.  But Djokovic occupies both of those spots, and he played primarily day session matches — was even scheduled in Louis Armstrong one afternoon.

If organizers cite TV ratings as justification for the schedule,  I call foul.  Federer was able to march through the draw without being forced to endure court temperatures over 100 degrees like every other player….

And that’s an unfair advantage.


Ah, youth

Poor Snigdha Nandipati.

The 14-year old from San Diego won the 85th Scripps National Spelling Bee…

…the same year that six-year old Lori Anne Madison from Virginia was in the competition.

Lori Anne, who on Wednesday fell four points short of making the semifinals, was treated to a 25-minute news conference with reporters Thursday morning.

One has to wonder if Snigdha will get the same attention.  Does her calm and collected manner, her aspirations to become a psychiatrist or neurosurgeon, her coin collection have any chance against a tiny, home-schooled prodigy?

Lori Anne is a reporter’s dream.  When asked to describe her experience at the Bee, she replied:

“Overall, it was boring. Really boring! Really boring!” 

We spell that S-A-S-S.