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old-faithful-jackson_4431Isn’t he a beauty?

I’ve never met Jackson, but Canadian photographer Peter Thorne has captured the depth and beauty of this old canine soul.

If you’ve had the privilege to share your home with a senior dog, you know what I’m talking about.  Their love is constant and unconditional and patient, with very few grumbles considering their declining health.

Thorne is putting together a collection of photos of older dogs called “Old Faithful” that he hopes to show at a gallery or assemble into a book.

peter thorneIf you’d like to learn more about his project that celebrates my favorite senior citizens, visit his Facebook page.

Rory and I are huge fans.



When you look at these faces, what do you see?

Some might think trash ready for the garbage bin.

If you have a dog,  you see much loved friends.  Heck, you probably have some pretty similar toys lying around the house.  That one stuffed animal (that’s really not ‘stuffed’ anymore) that your dog prefers over all the new ones you buy.

For my dog Rory, it’s Bear.  I gave Bear to Rory on the day I brought him home almost 13 years ago.  (He was a panda bear with a face and ears back then.) I’ve bought countless new toys over the years, but Rory has always loved Bear more…wanted to play with Bear first.  I just kept stitching him up and shoving in more cotton.

Now he’s more ‘panda ball’ than panda bear.

Arne Svenson and Ron Warren have put together a collection about toys just like Bear — with far superior photography —  in their book ChewedSome great writers have contributed stories, too.

It lets folks with a puppy know what to expect, and gives a nod to the senior dog and his ‘best friend.’

Picture perfect.