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Wave primer

I was catching up on my DVR shows and caught Joe Biden’s wife on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Even if you didn’t know who she was, you knew wasn’t an actress as soon as she walked out on stage.

Look at that wave —


Now, that’s a campaign wave.

The kid’s alright

I have watched Seth Meyers on Late Night since he took over the time slot.

His monologue was awkward,  and the producers wisely ditched it a couple of months ago.

But his interview skills put most of his competitors to shame.

Case in point: his recent sitdown with Ellen Page.


Page was on the program to promote her movie Freeheld, the true story of a dying  woman’s fight to leave her pension benefits to her lesbian partner.

Page was focused  and somber; you could see her talking points reflected in her eyes. Seth was respectful of the film’s subject matter, but injected humor at just the right beats.

Jimmy Fallon? Take a look and take a lesson.

This is how you do it.

Acid wash

boyfriend jeansWhat does the term ‘boyfriend jeans’ mean to you?

Loose jeans? Distressed jeans?  Or…

Super sexy jeans?

Old Navy is now selling this popular style to girls and babies, and continuing to call them boyfriend jeans. Some parents and psychologists argue that this name is inappropriate for such a young clientele, who shouldn’t be thinking about wearing their boyfriend’s jeans or even have a boyfriend at all.

In the words of Seth and Amy at the SNL Weekend Update desk — “Really?”

I’d argue that the ‘highly sexualized nature’ of the name lies in the minds of these doctors and parents. Jeans shoppers have heard it in the marketplace for years; it simply means ‘loose fitting.’  Any babies and little girls made aware of the name will define it in terms of their own innocent friendships (unless their parents attempt to explain it in an adult context and scar them forever).

Keep calm and carry on, parents. There are far bigger boogie men out there to fight.











Anchor frog

If you watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend, three things should be abundantly clear.

  1. Jason Segel rocked it as guest host.
  2. Seducing women through chess is harder than it sounds.
  3. Seth Meyers has finally found his “Weekend Update” co-anchor.

After Amy Poehler left SNL two seasons ago, it appeared that Meyers was destined to sit alone at the anchor desk.  But after Saturday’s inspired edition of “Really?!??! with Kermit and Seth” — starring Kermit the Frog of the Muppets — it appears that Seth has finally found his soul mate.

Have a look-see.

Is Kermit too green to realize?  Will Miss Piggy make life miserable if and when he does? And, most importantly — is Seth too fragile to withstand the body blows to come?

I’d love to see that anchor pairing on SNL.

How ’bout you?

The envelope please…

Awards shows?  I’m a fan.

Even though the entertainment value is spotty at best, I still like to watch.  You never know when an overexcited, drunk celebrity is going to say or do something really embarrassing.

Television at its best!

Last night I added a new awards show to my annual must-see list  — the ESPYs, ESPN’s sports awards.  I’ve never watched them before because, well, they’ve never been hosted by Seth Meyers of SNL.  He was the draw.  I thought it would be a fun show.

And it was.  Ya know why?

The awards were almost an afterthought.  The show was all comedy and musical numbers.  When the ESPYs did focus on an award — like the Courage Award, for example — they did these amazing pieces of sports journalism that were beautifully written, photographed and edited.  You couldn’t look away.

It was an awards show, but first and foremost, it was entertainment.

And as an awards show junkie, I just want to say thank you.  And I hope the producers and directors of the Oscars, Emmys and Tonys were watching.  You could learn something.

Oh — and I’d like to highlight my favorite acceptance speech of the night…from the Best Breakthrough Athlete, Chris Johnson of Tennessee, who so clearly defined our priorities in the digital age:

“First of all, I want to thank God, most of all. Without Him it wouldn’t be possible. I want to thank all the fans who voted for me, I want to thank all my friends and family. I want to thank Ustream and I want to thank Twitter most of all. And if you got a Twitter, follow me at ChrisJohnson28.”

Long live the awards show!

Who’s the addict?

I think Seth Meyers said it best on SNL’s Weekend Update:

“Last Friday Tiger Woods hit a tree, and a bunch of ladies fell out.”

Now the news outlets are all Tiger, all the time.  Interviews with his supposed mistresses.  In-depth analysis of the supposed mistresses’ remarks.

In fact,  just this morning, subject matter experts on “The Today Show” were discussing Tiger’s alleged sexual addiction — the signs, the symptoms, the treatments.


I’ll bet Tiger is rethinking that whole “this is a personal, family matter that we’d like to keep that way” strategy.

Because, in truth, it doesn’t really matter whether Tiger has 100 mistresses or is a sex addict or is a golf robot (as many other golfers would like to contend).

Whatever addictions he is struggling with are miniscule in comparison to the public’s addiction with celebrities’ personal lives.  We gotta know what happened — every tiny detail, especially if any of them smack of the lude, the crude, or near nude.

Tiger’s first foray into the tabloids has got it all.  And the media is happy to feed the public’s need — because it is a need — to know.

So, really — who is sicker here — the public or Tiger?