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Green gunk week?

Enough about sharks. Let’s hear it for the ‘little people’ —


phytoplanktonThey also live in the oceans and bodies of water, but they’re microscopic. Yet they are responsible for the production of most of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Can sharks do that? No.

(And I doubt they would if they could.)

So, Discovery Channel, how about a week devoted to this teeny tiny miracle of nature?  Phytoplankton concentrations have been decreasing each year since 1950 —

Let’s show ’em a little love.

Wait Until Shark


Yeah, I’ll bite.









I’m half-watching it right now.

I say ‘half-watching’ because the Twitter and Facebook commentary about Sharknado‘s flaws and scientific inaccuracies is more entertaining than the film itself.

And if you are laughing at the title Sharknado, producers The Asylum  have also brought  Sharktopus, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, and Two-Headed Shark Attack to the big screen.

I wonder what is next?



The Shark Knight?

(c) Carla Curtsinger


Are you enjoying Shark Week?

It started Sunday on Discovery Channel.  If you’ve missed the 80,000 televisions promos, take a look-see…

Fun, huh?

Even if you don’t plan on watching Shark Week, that promo pretty much sums up what you can expect.  Lots and lots of sharks, jumping about, hurling themselves into the air and at each other and at the unfortunate people that get in their way.

I’m not sure why the same footage takes an entire week.

Maybe Discovery Channel needs that much time to sell all the Shark Week merchandise they have assembled.  We’re talking DVDs, t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, mouse pads, puzzles, even cozies.  All the types of items that, if thrown into the ocean as litter, would kill the sharks if they swallowed ’em.

I’m just saying…

If I watch any of Shark Week, it will be to see host Craig Ferguson.  He is always funny and snarky and full of surprises.

Unlike Shark Week.  I’m pretty sure I know what carnage is coming.