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Might I suggest…

By now you all know that His Royal Highness has been born to William and Kate. His name, though, they say “may take some time.” Don’t worry —

I’m all over it.


call me whatIt’s a worthy name; the Greek translation is “venerable.” It began to be widely used in the third century after it was the name of  a Christian martyr…so it’s certainly manly enough.

Sebastian also has British ties. It’s in the Top 100 list of boy’s names. Sebastian Cabot is a British actor; Sebastian Faulks, a British writer. And there are characters named Sebastian in popular British fiction, including Sherlock Holmes and Brideshead Revisited.

Most importantly, I like it.

Look, I’m only trying to expedite the process.  Princess Diana and Prince Charles took seven days to name William; William and Kate took three weeks to name their dog, Lupo; and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip took a month to name Charles.

Let’s not give the child an identity crisis!


Lotta nuts

I have often bemoaned the fact that celebrities are taking over the commercial voiceover landscape.  What used to be a lucrative business for John and Jane Doe is now fodder for popular stars of TV and movies.

But sometimes…advertisers just get it right.

Planters is giving Mr. Peanut a makeover.  We’re talking a whole new look.

High-tech 3D rendering. A nifty flannel suit.  And for the first time in almost a century, a voice.

Robert Downey Jr.’s voice.

If you saw Downey in “Sherlock Holmes,” you know why Planters is pursuing this particular bit of typecasting.  Both characters share the same tailor now, its true.  And if Mr. Peanut can embody the same smarts, humor, martial arts skill and sex appeal as Downey did as Holmes, then I’d say Planters has a hit on its hands.

They have already posted the holiday commercial on their Facebook page for fans to enjoy.  If you “Like” Mr. Peanut, you’ll be able to check out Downey’s vocal performance.

Is he as nutty as you had hoped?