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My shoes didn’t match today.


I packed a bit too quickly for my business trip to Dallas, and ended up with two different black pumps in my suitcase.

Different heel heights. Different leathers. Different sounds as they hit the floor.

It felt like a spotlight was on my feet all day. But no one noticed.

Which has inspired my new shoe choice for suits —

Bare feet.

Acceptance rocks

What a wonderful coincidence that I would see the Broadway musical Kinky Boots on the same day that DOMA was overturned!

kinky boots

Cindy Lauper’s show, which won six Tony awards including Best Musical, is all about accepting people for who they, and makes drag positively mainstream.

And shoes, of course.

But I can’t emphasize enough the impact that Best Lead Actor Billy Porter and his troupe of drag queens have on this show.  Honestly, it started out slow. S-L-O-W.  The opening number or two gave me pause.  It wasn’t until Billy came on the scene that I started to have hope…and a glimpse of what was to come in the second act.

Need I say it ends with a bang?

(And I’m sure, if it wasn’t set in England, they would have slipped in a ‘no more DOMA’ reference.)

Follow the trail of awards to Kinky Boots!

The dark and light of it

So I’m working in front of the TV — really, I am — and the original Footloose comes on.

As you may recall, the opening sequence shows a close up of feet dancing.  Men and women.  All different kinds of shoes and socks, including dark tights with light shoes.

I hate dark tights with light shoes.  I think they disrupt the line of the leg.  But not everyone agrees with me.

dark tights light shoes3dark tights light shoesdark tights light shoes2





Hey — isn’t that Sarah Jessica Parker in the center photo?  She was in Footloose, too.

Maybe this trend is all her fault.


Pet owners.  We love our animals.

And companies know they can sell us just about anything.

Huffpost.com recently put together a collection of some of the stupidest pet products on the market.  I can’t disagree with the editors on most of ’em.  They are ridiculous.


I have to stand up for one of them…mainly because the product in question is less ridiculous for pets than it is for its original human intent.

Kitty Croc Bed

The croc shoe has been super-sized and turned into a bed for cats.  HuffPost argues it is far stupider looking in this iteration.

I disagree.

Croc shoes are ugly.  They may be the most comfortable shoe on the planet — but there’s not a foot in the world that doesn’t look stupid in them.

Sorry, Mario.

I think making the croc huge and putting a kitten inside is the best thing that ever happened to the shoe.  Dare I say…


Lost and found

There is a well-known Native American proverb that says:

“Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”

I’m not judging — I’m just wondering who is walking around in mine.

You see, last Saturday — like a typical city dweller — I wore flip flops to walk to Boston University and quickly changed into pumps before class began.  Once I was finished teaching for the day, I rushed out to catch my ride back to NYC.

My flip flops?  They lie forgotten…alone in the empty, dark classroom.

Now, the janitor may have seen them later and thrown them away.  Or some cash-strapped student could have picked them up the next day and thought — “Hey, free flip flops!  Score!”

Who knows what adventures my beloved brown havaianas have begun?

Me?  I’m going shopping today.  I need new flip flops.


During the summer months, I live in flip flops.

They are my perfect go-to shoes — comfortable, look good with most casual clothes, and are so affordable, I can have lots of colors.

I should have known they would find a way to change all that.

Havaianas, which is the flip flop brand I’ve been wearing forever — at $9 a pop, mind you — is now offering custom sandals at their MYOH (Make Your Own Havaianas) website.

And I gotta admit — they’re kinda cool.

In four easy steps, you select your size, your sole color, your strap color, and even pins that you can attach to the strap.  Then MYOH shows you a photo of your custom sandal, which costs $25 or more, depending on the accessories you chose.

Here’s the flip flop I created.

I went fairly classic — black sole, silver strap, “C” initial pins — but the colors of the rainbow are available.  So you can go as wild and wacky as the spirit moves you.  The optional pins range from initials to small jewels and American flags.

Any other flip floppers out there?

MYOH could give that term a positive spin!

High cheese

I love grilled cheese sandwiches.  As I’ve mentioned here before, I have eaten them at pretty much every restaurant I’ve visited that offers one.

But would I want to walk a million miles on that same grilled cheese?  Not so much.

Well…maybe if it looked like this.

A fashion student from Bath Spa University in London designed these cheesy platforms in a competition sponsored by Pilgrim’s Choice to promote dairy farming in the region.

Lisa Dillon used West Country Cheddar and stale ‘heels’ of bread to sculpt the festive footwear, which will be on display at the Royal Bath and West Show, a county fair of sorts.

I personally hope that restaurants take note of Dillon’s creation.  Wouldn’t you love to order a grilled cheese or tuna melt or chicken salad, even..and see a sculpted sandwich like that arrive on your plate?

They could charge a whole lot more..and folks would pay, too.

Fancy sandwiches indeed!

Uggs – ugh

Maybe it’s the nine inches of snow on the ground.  Maybe it’s the fact that my dog’s post-surgery leg kinda resembles a little bootie.  Or maybe it’s the darn online shopping articles that I’ve encountered this week.

But I feel compelled to speak out against a product today.

That product?  Uggs.

That’s right.  The celebrity favorite.  Worn in every kind of weather, on every coast.  A brand that has almost lost its trademark because people throw the name around with the same regularity of ‘Kleenex’ and ‘Xerox.’

But I have to go on record here.  In the beginning , I craved Uggs.  Had to have Uggs.  Asked for Uggs for Christmas and was lucky enough to receive Uggs.

I wore my Uggs for less than one winter season, and my classic, beautiful, expensive Uggs developed a hole — not in the bottom where you might expect it — but in the top of the toe.  That one-of-a-kind, special Australian leather crapped out in just a few months.

Damn Uggs.

I replaced them with a pair of L. L. Bean knock-offs.  That pair was less than half the price and lasted for years.  In fact, I only replaced it this year because I wanted more colors.

This year, I got two pairs.  These knock-off Uggs are made by Lamo — that’s right — Lamo.  The name is ridiculous, but they are comfortable and durable and come in all kinds of colors…and cost me $30.

So, if you think you NEED a pair of Uggs for Christmas this year, remember my cautionary tale.  The brand name is simply that — a name.  The companies that have followed have not just copied the design.

They’ve made it better.