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There she is

So what does Anderson Cooper have on his mind as the holidays draw near?

Toddlers and tiaras.

Or, more specifically, what effect our princess, pageant and beauty-obsessed society might be having on young girls.

I attended the taping of Anderson today with my friend Caroline.  It was my third time to be a part of his studio audience.

The first time he discussed women who discovered their husbands were cheating online.


The second was a special screening of the movie 50/50 followed by the show taping with interviews with the movie’s stars.


But today’s show, which featured tiny pageant contestants and their moms surrounded by an audience who pretty much all agreed these folks were whackadoodle doos?

Triple word score.

Thanks Anderson, for asking me back!



Are potholes big news in the Big Apple?

They are on PIX11.

The Anderson show airs on this local CW station, and after I finished watching it yesterday, their local news came on.  That’s when their PIXFIX series — which focuses on ‘fixing the community one issue at a time’ — zeroed in on that day’s issue.

A pothole in Queens.

Now, in reporter Monica Morales’ defense, it was a big pothole.  And according to residents on Fordham Road that she interviewed, it’d been around long enough to earn the nickname “Fordham Road Crater.”

They’d clearly put some thought into that one.

When word of Monica’s presence got around the neighborhood, a local councilmen swung by to report that the pothole was scheduled to be filled that very day.

Coincidence?  I think not.

But you have to wonder…could Monica have predicted — way back in journalism school — that she would grow up to be a big city pothole reporter?

And if so, would she have simply thrown herself in one?

Chosen family

Yet another perk of living in New York City…

You get to hang out with the cast of Modern Family on a rainy Monday night.

I wasn’t quite as close as the photo implies.  This pic was taken backstage at Inside the Actors Studio.  Sofia Vergara posted it on Twitter soon after the taping was complete.

It shows Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Vergara, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, and Julie Bowen — everyone but Ed O’Neill, who also appeared on the show.  (Perhaps he took the photo.)

In the Actors Studio tradition, host James Lipton spoke to each person individually to start the program.  While they come from varied backgrounds, as a group they are extremely well-educated, and a few came to acting a bit later in life.

But the room really started rockin’ when they spoke of their time together on the show.  There were pats on the back, hugs, and loving looks. They seemed embarrassed by praise.  They made fun of each other.  They showed lots of clips.  Heck, someone even did a dance.

Family get-togethers are like that sometimes.

And it was a family on that stage.  Even from my seat in the balcony, that was abundantly clear.

Inside the Actors Studio featuring the cast of Modern Family airs on Bravo June 6th.  I highly recommend it.