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Sightseeing dollar signs

I haven’t been to Washington DC in a while, but I think I might go on this scavenger hunt the next time I’m in town.

Got any cash? You can, too.

Just check the back of the bills and find the buildings depicted there. It should be a pretty educational tour.


I also like the folded bill photo trick. Reminds me of squishing people’s heads between your finger and thumb.

I might add that to my tour, too.

Day Two: Lucerne, Switzerland

Today, I was in a conference room in Lucerne for eight hours.

No sunshine. No city views. No sightseeing.

Hotel des BalancesBut after dinner, I again was charmed by my hotel and the square it overlooks.

In the daylight, the front facade of the Hotel des Balances in Lucerne is awash with color, the figures and ornate border giving the building an almost candy-colored glow.

(They stand behind this sugary start by delivering a customized oval of chocolate on our pillows each night.)

When the sun sets, the hotel and the other painted buildings in the square loose their characteristic colors but not their charm. Most businesses close by seven o’clock, so there is only the sound of foot traffic on the cobblestone, and the street lights make the architecture appear more whimsical.

Lucerne Square

I took this photo from my hotel balcony, which overlooks the front entrance.

chocolate mint LucerneAnd because many of you couldn’t concentrate after you read the word ‘chocolate,’ here is that mint I mentioned.

Pretty snazzy, huh?

Tokyo, Day 2: The best laid plans

My second day in Tokyo has been filled with surprises.

alarm-clock-shows-four-o-clock-picture-66338449First, I woke up at 4 a.m. — jet lag — so my day has been much longer than I anticipated.  I got some actual work accomplished, and emailed and IM’ed with some folks who were still at their desks on the other side of the world.

I was very productive…and I should sleep really well tonight.

My business meeting also lasted a lot longer than I thought it would, so I didn’t have time for any sightseeing as originally planned.  But the session went great, the client is happy, and I can devote the rest of my time in Tokyo to play.

Speaking of time, I need to spend quite a bit more checking my wish list and studying the Tokyo subway map.  That puppy is going to require my complete attention if I am going to actually end up in the areas of the city where I want to visit.

As you can see, it is a bit of a challenge.


I accept!

Dressed to soapbox

I object.

To the methodology and the terminology, and I demand an apology for Kansas City.

Travel + Leisure recently published their annual ‘America’s Favorite Cities’ survey, where readers rate major destinations in a number of categories.

“Worst Dressed City in America” is one of them.

Now, poor Anchorage has the most to be offended about — they earned the top spot — but Kansas City got punched at number ten.


Having travelers judge how well-dressed people are in a city is like judging a city’s cuisine by the offerings at the airport.  Tourists typically see other tourists when they visit anywhere.  Why?

Because they hit the tourist spots recommended by magazines like Travel + Leisure, which are congested with folks who don’t live there, and are dressing for comfort, not style.

“Worst Dressed Tourists in America” — perhaps.

But don’t judge a city by its gawkers.

Oh Canada

American Airlines — you know, the bankrupt one — sent me an email reminder last night to check-in for my ‘international flight.’

Can I really leave the country on American Eagle in less than 90 minutes?

Turns out I can.

That breathtaking view is Toronto, Ontario.  This won’t be my first visit there, but my first real opportunity to see the city .  Last time the weather was so heinous, I only saw the airport and my hotel, which was located on the outskirts of the city.

Didn’t step a foot outside.

This trip I’m staying in the heart of the city.  So I’m crossing all my available appendages that it will be nice enough outside to do a little sightseeing during my 30-hour stay.  But the forecast says ‘light snow.’

How many inches = light in the Great White North?


When folks come to New York City, they ask me two questions:

  1. Where should we eat?
  2. What should we see?

Not simple questions to answer in a city that has everything.

One of my favorite places — that I am happy to report is over on the East Side and requires a bit of effort on my part to visit — is Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Across from Bloomingdale’s, Dylan’s is every kid’s dream candy store…and every adult-who-still-loves-candy-a-bit-too-much-for-their-own-good’s personal challenge.

I usually don’t go unless I am with company sightseeing. (Then I have an excuse.)

NEWSFLASH — rumor has it a new Dylan’s location is opening in my neighborhood on the Upper West Side, just three blocks from my apartment.  Now, I could dismiss this as hearsay, but all of the stores in that block — save one — have closed of late, leaving space for what would be a huge sweet shoppe.

Sweet Jesus.