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Sin skin

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

But what happens when it doesn’t?

I’m in Sin City this weekend on business and, after my meetings yesterday, was getting the lay of the land at the Aria Las Vegas hotel and casino, since it’s new to me (and Vegas).

As I’m walking around seeing the sights — and the people, who are always a sight in Vegas — I spied a tattoo or two or three.  And it got me thinking:

If you get a tat in Vegas, that certainly doesn’t stay in Vegas.  That sucker comes home with you.  (And depending on where it’s located, everybody knows about it, too.)

Vegas offers some doozies to remember your adventures by. 





Wonder which tat I’ll pick?


Loop de loop

On this date in 1898, the first roller coaster was patented.  (They finally figured out how many loops it takes to make you throw up!)

Suffice it to say — I love coasters, but they don’t love me.

One of my favorite roller coaster rides ever was during my very first trip to Las Vegas.  My friend Paul and I both realized we had hit our 30’s without visiting Sin City, so off we went.

We stayed at the New York, New York casino back when it was bright, shiny new.  I don’t even think we knew it had a coaster, so when we saw it was one of the attractions, we kinda poo-poo’ed it.

I mean, seriously — a coaster that wrapped around a casino building in Las Vegas? At $8 a pop?  How much fun could it be?

OMG — SO much fun!

The roller coaster whipped between the casino buildings so fast, it felt like we were going to slam into someone’s hotel room!  It was the best time ever.  We immediately got off and got right back on.  It was so worth the price.

I read it’s up to $14 now.  I’d pay that much today.

I mean, come on — all the other scares on the Strip cost way more.