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When I was in Singapore this past weekend, I thought about flying on to Australia.  It’s only a seven-hour flight.

This guy made that voyage by water…in the opposite direction.

world's largest rubber duck













Rubber Duck, a ginormous piece of conceptual art by Florentijin Hofman, was last spied bobbing about in Sydney’s Darling Harbor. Today the inflatable duck, which measures 46 feet tall and 55 feet long, arrived in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong for a month’s stay with a little help from a much smaller tug boat.

Let’s call it a Duck Boat — it’s earned it!

Bean wake-up call

Rory and I are watching Chopped, enjoying some couch time together post-Singapore, and one of the basket items is…

Baked beans

baked beansOf course, there is much discussion about how the beans are going to work with the striped bass, yadda yadda yadda. But it immediately took me back to Monday morning in Singapore when I ordered your typical bacon-and-eggs breakfast before my training session, and the hotel served them with a side of baked beans.

That woke me up.

But I have to say — they were awesome.  Sweet and smoky in flavor, the baked beans were perfect with the bacon.  In theory I guess it’s not that surprising, but it was a first for me.

May not be the last.

Listen to your inner voice

Today the sun was shining bright in Singapore. I could see it from the windows of my classroom, where I was teaching all day.

My timing, as always, is excellent.

I could also see this beautiful patch of green.

green space singapore













It covered one of the underground garage entrances, and was a welcome break in the glass and cement office park.

You see the stairs leading to the grass?  I wondered if people actually used them…perhaps sit in the sun on days that are a little less tropical.

So I asked.

Apparently Singapore always has weather like this. No cooler season that drops the temps below even 80 degrees.  That’s when I knew — I could never live in this island paradise.

(My hair told me so.)

Dear New York City airports,

I will be headed back your way in less than 48 hours. Coming home is always a pleasure. But let’s be honest, my Big Apple airstrips…

Youse guys are fugly.

My current trip through Narita-Tokyo Airport en route to Singapore drove that point home…hard. I only spent two hours in Japan, and the ultramodern, high-tech facility convinced me that JFK and LGA need a major redo.

2013-04-28_09.08.16We can begin with a fun identity for each of you. Look at this little guy; he graces most of the signage at Narita Airport.

What is he?  Who cares? He’s cute… and LaGuardia could use a major dose of cuteness… JFK, too.

There’s nothing cute about either of you now.  No offense.

And speaking of high-tech, check out this gadget in the airport restrooms in Narita.

2013-04-28_09.14.23The facilities in Japan have talents that go far beyond the simple flush. (Come to think of it, everyone was smiling a lot.)

Lastly, you need better food…but I’ve always said that.

Okay, NYC airports, get started.  I’ll be back in two days, and I am expecting great things!

So far, everything is tall

Greetings from Singapore!

It took exactly 24 hours of travel time, but I’ve arrived on the other side of the world. And since we crossed several time zones, it’s already the wee hours of the morning Sunday.

(Don’t worry — I’ll get that time back on the way home.)

My room is at the very top of one the hotel’s three towers and overlooks the city. Here is a taste of what I can see:

marina bay sands view








During the drive in from the airport, I also discovered quite nearby the Singapore Flyer, a large ferris wheel similar in scope to the London Eye.








I may need to check that out in the morning.

What am I talking about it?  It’s morning already!  Time to get some sleep and adjust to Singapore time.

Tall order.


The bright side of life

The Egg is headed to Singapore today for a business trip.

My stay is regrettably short.  The weather forecast is stormy.  But this is my hotel.


I think I can make this work.

Cover your mouth

When I saw the official photo released of the new “American Idol” judges, I felt a little sick to my stomach.

Perhaps I miss Simon?  Dread the start of the new season?  Or could it be a natural reaction to all the creases and crevices in Steven Tyler’s face — you know, that feeling you get after stepping off a bumpy roller coaster ride?

Turns out — it’s probably just the singing.

Researchers at Singapore’s National University Hospital found that singing spreads cold and flu germs more effectively than coughing or sneezing.  A trained voice in particular produces a stronger, more penetrating plume of infection into the air.

Well, do-re-mi.

The researchers were conducting the study to determine how far to recommend spacing beds in hospitals that treat airborne illnesses.

Perhaps the results will bring a quick end to this season of “American Idol,” too.

One can only hope.