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No leaks

Ships* don’t sink because of the water around them…

Ships sink because of the water that gets in them.

Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside and weigh you you down.


(I needed to hear this today; thought you might, too.)

*Boats, too

Add water

Can two months have already passed since my trip to Venice?

It seems like an eternity, yet it seems like yesterday.

But recent images of the city — St. Mark’s Square flooded, stores underwater, tourists forced to carry their luggage, even their children upon their head — are so foreign to me.

This was not the Venice that I know.

My Venice was surrounded by water, not menaced by it.  The canals did not encroach on businesses, homes or priceless works of art and history.  They were romantic — liquid atmosphere.

Today’s Venice looks swallowed up.  It creeps me out instead of inviting me in.  I hear the clock ticking, the boat that houses their city sinking.

I couldn’t just sit there and pass the day.

Man the lifeboats!