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Baby boy dance party

I loved the musical sketch “Boy Dance Party” when it aired on Saturday Night Live way back in October.  Bruce Willis and all the guys dancing around the living room while the girls were away?

Instant classic.

If possible, it has been made even better with the addition of a very enthusiastic toddler.

baby body dance party








His parents won’t let people embed the video, but you can still enjoy it on Youtube.

(I like the kid way better than them.)


I just learned that improvised dance is called ‘danceprov.’

dance provI didn’t know the art form existed…and certainly wouldn’t have guessed at that name.

So does it follow then that stream of consciousness writing is…’writeprov?’

Spur-of-the-moment shopping is…’spendprov?’

Snacking when you’re bored is…’bingeprov?’

Sketching on a napkin is…’doodleprov?’

Writing your daily blog when you don’t have a topic is…


Beyond real

Images in black-and-white have a special power.

















But, as hard as it is to believe, this isn’t a photograph.

It’s a pencil sketch — graphite on cartridge paper — by Scottish artist Paul Cadden.

Cadden is a student of the hyperrealism movement.  Where as photorealists strive to meticulously recreate an image, artists of the hyperrealist bent add their own emotions and narrative to take it to another level.

“Intensify the normal” is how Cadden describes his process.

“After” is just one example of his success.