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The fine print

On my Delta flight back to NYC from Toronto today,  I was flipping through Sky magazine,  and an article on the Mississippi Delta caught my eye.


Where to go.  What to do. All the summer festivals,  food and drink.

As I skimmed the recommendations,  one bolded phrase caught my eye:


Pull up a chair and have a helping of barbecue at Kentucky’s Fancy Farm Picnic – –  the world’s largest picnic – –  held in August.

Look at that,  friends and family!  We’ve got another publication to add to the list!

I almost grabbed the PA from the flight attendant to get everyone to read page 83…but decided to let them discover it for themselves.

It’s more fun that way.


After six

The tuxedo was invented by a tailor in Tuxedo Park, New York, some 125 years ago at the request of tobacco magnate Pierre Lorillard IV.

It wasn’t named after the tailor.  Not Pierre, either.  Nope, Tuxedo Park got that honor.

‘Cause where you’re from matters.

I learned this slice of history today in a one-page SKY magazine article on my Delta flight.  My holiday has begun, and I’m flying to Kansas City to visit my sister, brother-in-law and countless friends there.

You see, I used to be from Kansas City…for a little while.

Oh, I was born and raised in Kentucky, and only lived in Kansas City for seven years.  But during that time, I made a now infamous trip to New York City – the current place I’m ‘from’ – and ended up talking to Al Roker outside the Today Show windowAnd when Al asked me where I was from, I said, “Kansas City.”

My Kentucky kin have never let me forget.

‘Cause where you’re from matters.