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Listen to your inner voice

Today the sun was shining bright in Singapore. I could see it from the windows of my classroom, where I was teaching all day.

My timing, as always, is excellent.

I could also see this beautiful patch of green.

green space singapore













It covered one of the underground garage entrances, and was a welcome break in the glass and cement office park.

You see the stairs leading to the grass?  I wondered if people actually used them…perhaps sit in the sun on days that are a little less tropical.

So I asked.

Apparently Singapore always has weather like this. No cooler season that drops the temps below even 80 degrees.  That’s when I knew — I could never live in this island paradise.

(My hair told me so.)


It is a cold, incredibly windy day in New York City.

I had appointments this morning, which meant two hours walking around outside in the bitter cold. I was dressed for it, but was still feeling a bit sorry for myself.

window guysThen I saw these guys.

Can you imagine having to do your job, hanging on the side of a Manhattan skyscraper, with the cold winds whipping you around?

I suddenly felt  a whole lot warmer there on the ground.