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Press here

I just discovered something better than sliced bread —

Pressed bread


A toast press — shaped here like a teddy bear — makes your morning slice or lunch sandwich an event.

This is the first I have seen these…and they come in all kinds of designs.

That’s what I get for not watching Food Network anymore.

Gutter pie

A funny thing happened on the way to NYU last night.

Well, funny for me…and some random passersby.

A guy I do not know — actually, I do not know anyone in this story — had just bought a slice of pizza at a restaurant on the corner of 33rd Street and Park. He was trying to cross the street before the light changed, so he had quite a bit of momentum on his side.

As it turned out, a bit too much…because he lost his grip and the slice went flying —

pizzagutterInto the gutter.

Now, this is not funny.  It’s actually rather sad.  He had just bought the slice, he dropped it and now it’s gone.


No, the funny part was his visible indecision on whether or not to pick it up and still eat it.

When it first hit the street, he was going for it.  He was going to employ the ‘five-second rule,’ snatch it up and be on his merry way.  But then it slid into the gutter….and he just couldn’t do it.

So he cried out in frustration and walked on.

This entertained myself and about three other people for a couple of blocks.  We laughed together and joked about it, sadly at his expense.  And now I’m blogging about it.