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Everybody poops

New York City prides itself on letting celebrities live their lives.

While you do see stars of TV and film out and about, you rarely see paparazzi trailing behind.

So I was particularly amused by this Huffington Post slideshow of stars picking up their dogs’ poop — all West Coast shots, mind you.

Everyone from The Office’s John Krasinski to Catherine Zeta-Jones to Paul Bettany are pictured with their pooch and that familiar blue baggie…’cause your dog doesn’t care what you do for a living as long as you take care of their business.

Personally, I haven’t spied any celebs in NYC picking up after their dogs.  I have had a celebrity spy on me and my dog.

(It’s a favorite story — a ‘greatest hit,’ as my friend Dan would say.)

My dog Rory and I had just stepped outside of my apartment, and — good dog that he is — he was relieving himself in the street.  During this process, I heard a small child’s voice from the sidewalk behind me say,

“Daddy, is that dog gonna bite me?”

A very familiar voice responded drily, “It probably won’t.”  That’s when I turned around and saw Jerry Seinfeld watching me and my dog.

But don’t worry — he didn’t take any pictures.

He’s a New Yorker, after all.

iPad i do

I’m all for creative proposals, but this one?

A guy used an iPad to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

What the wha??

He started off strong enough.  He took his girlfriend to the bench where he first asked her out.  He sat down next to her.   He took her hand….and gave her his iPad and ear buds, telling her to watch a slide show of photos from their time together.  The final slide popped the question.

What happened to going down on one knee?  To speaking words from the heart that tell her how you feel?  To asking her that all important question yourself?

You were sitting right there, stupid!  Did you really need an overgrown iPhone to do the heavy lifting for you???

Use your iPad to create the slideshow for your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.  Don’t use a slideshow to pop the question.

How about some one-on-one communication for a change?

Believe me — once you are married, you can’t text your wife all the time.  She is going to expect you to talk to her every once in awhile.