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Snaps all around

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (because when you blog everyday, some repetition is expected) — we are a big ol’ bunch of judgers.

But we usually don’t admit it.

vulture-fb-iconSnaps to Vulture.com for admitting that they are doing just that — and really fast — about the new 2015-2016 television shows that are debuting during Upfronts Week.

They even called the article “Snap Judgments.”

While I know this honesty is fleeting, there is a little tear in the corner of my eye as I revel in it.

But the sad thing is, their snap decisions about the worthiness of these dramas and comedies will probably mirror that of the audience, and then that of the networks as they quickly jerk the programs off of their schedule when they don’t perform well enough after only one or two weeks.

These days, we judge quickly and fiercely without giving shows a chance to grow on the audience.

Although, without even seeing it, I’m not sure Supergirl ever had a chance.


No offense

You’ve no doubt been paid a compliment by someone.

But have you been the victim of the backhanded compliment?

You know — a comment that starts out flattering or kind, and then takes an unexpected turn, becoming cutting or cruel?

And the whole thing is delivered with a big ol’ innocent smile, which makes the insult all the more sneaky.  Sometimes you don’t even realize you were dissed until you’ve walked away.


Some friends in my neighborhood and I were discussing ‘favorite’ backhanded compliments received over the years during our regular evening walk.

Like the woman on the set of a television commercial who complimented my raincoat saying, “I love your jacket. That is a really hard shade of green for people to pull off.”

Or a fellow dog owner who was told in the park, “Well, I like your dog…I don’t care what all the other people say.”

Or my personal favorite: “I love your red toenail polish. It matches your fake red hair.”

Yes…yes, it does.

Funny how ‘compliments’ like these stick to our brains for years…whereas heartfelt good wishes fall away forgotten.  (Probably because they’re more clever, and we wish we had thought of them ourselves.)

Do you have any good zingers to share?  Leave them in the comments section for us all to enjoy.  But, no names, please.  Remember —

We wouldn’t want to offend.


Yesterday a friend’s status on Facebook proudly trumpeted:

Snap, ya’ll — It’s Friday!

Snap yea!

I love the word ‘snap.’  I love the way it sounds.  I love the attitude those four little letters convey.  I love the fact it can be used in polite company…even if you mean it in a rude way.

I love the fact that ‘snap’ has a fun gesture associated with it.  You can snap once.  You can snap three times.  It just depends on how much ‘tude your snap is packing.

I think ‘snap’ has the potential to replace a certain other more offensive four-letter word that can’t be used all the time.  Not in front of your kids.  Or your mother.  Or on television.  But it can mean the same thing.

Snap you.  Snap off.  Snapping A!

‘Snap’ is versatile.  It has personality.  It can be packed with whatever emotion you bring to your snap.

I even created a Facebook page dedicated to the ‘snap.’   Put your fingers together and like it!

Do the ‘snap!’