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Like the Dickens

While I was on a business trip in London a few years ago, a surprise snow blanketed the city.  A colleague, looking out the window of our hotel room at the falling snow, quipped:

“It’s so Dickensian!”

And we had our catchphrase.

It did feel like we had stepped back in time, into one of the classic novels we had all read in school.  The snow didn’t last, but the memory of that brief interlude has to this day.

Stateside in 2012, ‘Dickensian’ has an entirely different vibe.

StrangeBeautiful just launched their Dickensian Edition of nail colors, which is roughly 10 different shades…of black.

(Only true New Yorkers can discern the difference.)

Creator Jane Schub said her interpretation of Dickens for the collection was inspired by photography, literature, art, coal and broken shale.

Geez, Jane — did you even read the novels?

They have happy endings.

Christmas Blues

From a very quick perusal of Facebook this morning, it sounds like a lot people out there are snowed in, cold, sad, behind in their shopping, fed up and worn down.

It happens every year.  The holidays can be treacherous.  Sometimes, ya just feel like singing the blues.

There’s a website for that.
Blues Maker not only shares your pain, it helps you create an original piece of harmonica music to express it.

You pick the subject matter, the harmonica licks, and in just a matter of moments, your sadness and your sorrow are put into song….so you and your hound dog can sing along.

Give ‘er a try.  It’ll make ya feel better.  Then you can commence with your celebrating.

(Apparently one possible side effect is a Southern accent.)