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Socks and stripes

I saw these socks on the subway tonight.


They made me very happy.

I was reminded of the Wicked Witch of the East,  childhood and all things denim and cozy — all at the same time.

The guy wearing  them seemed happy, too.

Coincidence?  I think not.

Feet first

So, I’m putting on my socks this morning — newly washed yesterday, gotta love freshly laundered clothes — and when I unrolled them, they were inside out.

And I put them on that way.

inside out socksNow, I do this a lot.

Inside out socks do not bother me a bit.  The only time I might take the extra time to turn them right side out is when I am headed to the airport and know that my socks are going to be on display in a most public way.

Otherwise, I let them be.

Who’s with me?

If the sock fits

Today’s post is a love story —

An ode to socks.

chenille socksChenille socks, to be specific…from Old Navy.

On a cold, snowy day like today, they are very much top of mind…and on the bottom of my feet.

I first discovered these gems during one of Old Navy’s ubiquitous sales.  I got an email, clicked through to the website and decided to give them a try.

You can never have too many black socks, right?

But these were my first chenille socks, and I was an immediate convert.  They are quite simply the softest, warmest, most durable socks I have ever owned.  And at only $3 a pair…well, let’s just say I’ve bought a truckload.

To be clear — Old Navy has not reimbursed me for this most earnest of endoresements.  I am just a huge fan.

(But if they wanted to send me more, I’d wear ’em.)

The dark and light of it

So I’m working in front of the TV — really, I am — and the original Footloose comes on.

As you may recall, the opening sequence shows a close up of feet dancing.  Men and women.  All different kinds of shoes and socks, including dark tights with light shoes.

I hate dark tights with light shoes.  I think they disrupt the line of the leg.  But not everyone agrees with me.

dark tights light shoes3dark tights light shoesdark tights light shoes2





Hey — isn’t that Sarah Jessica Parker in the center photo?  She was in Footloose, too.

Maybe this trend is all her fault.

Dog days

Is Snoopy happy here?

That strategically placed leaf gives the appearance of a smile. But what is the greatest spokesdog of all time really thinking?

I’ve decided he’s happy.

Possibly not at being blown around by the wind at that particular moment…but I was none too pleased at getting caught in a surprise shower yesterday before my trip to Boston, and I’m still awfully glad to see the arrival of fall.

In fact, I’ve been celebrating all the firsts. First socks. First pair of boots. First sweatshirt, first fleece jacket, first quilted vest.

When I can put on my flannel jammies — well, that will be a real party.

Welcome autumn! I’m so glad you’re here.