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Secret lives

Two logos —

Hilton Under Armour

Hilton and Under Armour.

Am I the only one who sees the amazing resemblance?

Does this mean that, underneath the shee-shee image the Hilton is trying to project, they are secretly wearing he-man underoos?  Or are all those burly men sporting Under Armour out in the forest secretly jonesing to spend a spa day in a quilted robe drinking cucumber water?

My vote?


Can you say spin-off?

When I travel for business, I often go from the airport to the hotel and back again, which doesn’t guarantee much of a view.

Of course, my hotels don’t often look like this —


This is where I’m staying today:  the Chateauform Schloss Löwenstein, located 45 minutes from the center of Frankfurt, Germany.

It’s part of a chain, if you can believe it — one of a collection of properties set in a private parkland well outside the city.  The castle has been fully renovated, somehow maintaining its period details while being outfitted with all the bells and whistles you need at a conference center.

It has its own winery and spa.  Two serve-yourself-anytime bars.  Archery.  There’s even a resident chocolate lab in the lounge named Easy.

It’s all so…Downton Abbey, don’t you think?

Steam cleaning

The Sticky Egg has the flu.


And as with most cases of the flu, I feel feverish and tired and achy.  I’ve been thinking about how great a massage would feel. Of course, I don’t think a masseur would want anything to do with a client with the flu.

How rude.

Perhaps I should skip the massage and go for a newfangled spa treatment that has just arrived in the United States. It’s a freakish thing called chai-yok.

You sit on a open-seated stool and steam from water infused with mugwort and wormwood and other herbs is blown into your nether regions.

It’s purported to increase fertility, get rid of hemorrhoids and fight infection, although doctors haven’t exactly gotten ‘behind’ the spa treatment.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can go to a spa and steam your private parts.  If not, there are at-home kits available.

Perfect for flu-y folk like me.