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The new phone book’s here!

During a class meeting today, I had reason to utter the words —

“I’m somebody!”

…which brought to mind the iconic scene from The Jerk starring Steve Martin.

When I mentioned the movie to my class, they stared at me unknowingly.  One student, trying to be helpful, said, “I’ve heard of Steve Martin.

That’s awesome.

So, for their education — and everyone’s viewing pleasure — I include the aforementioned clip here.

I hope you are inspired to watch The Jerk…

And learn your special purpose.

Bang, it hit me

We all have moments in our lives when we’re overcome with doubt.

Worried we’re in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing — not fulfilling our destiny on this earth.  Sometimes, when I’m updating my status on Facebook or tweeting or watching television, I suddenly think:

What is my special purpose?

Then today, it hit me —

Swagger Coach

I hadn’t even heard of the term until yesterday.  But after reading that Justin Bieber employs a “cool white boy” to hang around with him to teach him “swaggerific things,” my life plan became amazingly clear.

I am a geek.

Geeks and nerds are taking over the planet.

Many of them have achieved their celebrity status virtually overnight.  I’ll bet money — and am willing to be paid alarming amounts of it, too — that many of those famous nerds would love to have a geeky, white chick such as myself teach them how to swagger in nerd-appropriate ways in the public eye.

The geeks’ may comb their hair differently than Baby Bieber — those that have hair — but they do have style, believe you me.  Can you say “Big Bang Theory?”

Oooo — now that cast would be excellent clients.