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I had seen images online of the April 6th issue of Sports Illustrated, so I couldn’t wait to get mine in the mail.

Just look at that angle of Karl-Anthony Towns in action:

SI April 6










But then I got my issue today. And it looked like this:

April 6th SI










Because apparently there are no college basketball fans in the Northeast.

I mean, how could there be?  No teams from this area made the Final Four.  And there couldn’t possibly be fans of Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State or Duke outside their state lines, right?

(Well, probably not Duke.)

Don’t worry.  I’ve already contacted SI and requested a copy of the Kentucky cover issue.  And written a letter to the editor.

March Madness only comes once a year.

Keep calm and don’t carry on

I’m watching the Tony Awards, hosted by the phenomenal Neil Patrick Harris, and as always I am blown away by his ability to do it all. Sing. Dance. Tell a joke. Perform magic. And, most importantly…

Have a sense of humor about it all.

But once the Tony winners start taking the stage, that goes right out the window.

judith lightTake the lovely Judith Light, who won the Tony for Best Featured Actress in a Play.

She graciously thanked everyone in the American Theatre Wing, the voters, her cast and crew, the box office workers, her family, her manager and agent, etc, etc.

And then she started talking to the theatre community.  Got all hyper-earnest and intense.  You could see sweat start to glisten on her upper lip, and veins pop out on her forehead.

And I just wanted to say, “Judith, chill.  Let’s get some perspective here.”

I mean, I had a letter to Sports Illustrated published in the mailbag of the June 10th issue, and you don’t see me standing on a street corner making speeches about it.

(Maybe tomorrow.)

Water torture

There’s a regular feature in Sports Illustrated called “Signs of the Apocalypse.”  The editors include sports-related news of the weird that they feel signals the end of days.

SI, I have a submission for you:  the ABC series “Wipeout.”

Have you seen it?

Contestants willingly hurl their bodies through a wacky, water obstacle course while original “Talk Soup” host John Henson makes fun of them falling head-first into the drink — because they always fall.

Jeff Jensen at Entertainment Weekly said, “I think the sight of people violently smashing face-first into big rubber balls, over and over and over and over and over again, is totally hilarious.”

I disagree.

I could only stomach the show for a few minutes.  These people are totally humiliating  (and possibly paralyzing) themselves on national television.  I’m sure there’s some kind of prize if you complete the obstacle course without falling into the water, but seriously — has anyone ever done that?

Last week during filming, a 33-year old contestant suffered a stroke. (I’m not all that surprised; I almost had one just watching it.)  Guys, the poor man died.

So, ABC — take note.  This show isn’t just stupid and humiliating.  It’s dangerous.

Stop playing with your balls.