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Broom clean

A friend of mine was doing a bit of spring cleaning yesterday.  She even posted pics on Facebook so we could choose from piles of ‘giveaway items’ that were forming in her apartment.

Of course, it’s not really spring.

But I understood her ‘urge to purge.’  I too was cleaning closets yesterday in preparation for…

The fall television season

Yesterday was the perfect day to do it, too.  The Emmy Awards were last night, so I  could put the previous TV season to bed.  I was thrilled with some winners, and sad for some folks who were overlooked yet again (Steve Carell).

Then I shook it off and set the DVR for this week’s season premieres of the new and returning fall shows.

It’s a clean start. It’s hopeful.  It’s new.

And it should be almost a week before the networks start cleaning house.

The best things

Last night on The Middle, the family did a bit of spring cleaning.

Since I had just killed some rather heinous dust bunnies myself under the bed, their pain spoke to me on a very personal level. Then the daughter Sue had trouble throwing away an old set of hair rollers because she ‘didn’t want to hurt their feelings.’

Why don’t I watch this show more often? Clearly we are on the same wavelength.

I too understand how ‘things’ can have feelings.  So does Tom Hanks.  Remember Wilson the soccer ball in Castaway?  I do.  When they got separated out in the ocean, I cried like a baby.

Snuffles and I love that movie.

Snuffles is a small, white Gund bear that has lived with me since 1990.  He was originally a gift from me and my sister to our mother when she was in the hospital having surgery.

He was very good to our mom, that bear.  And after she died, Snuffles came to live with me.

Snuffles is not your ordinary stuffed animal.  He talks and dances — “Blister in the Sun” by the Violent Femmes is still his favorite song — and has accompanied me on every trip I’ve taken, business or pleasure, for the past two decades.  (This photo was taken when he went with me to Ireland in 1997.)

Rory Dog will tell you.  That’s no stuffed animal sitting on the bed.

That’s his older brother.