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I just learned that improvised dance is called ‘danceprov.’

dance provI didn’t know the art form existed…and certainly wouldn’t have guessed at that name.

So does it follow then that stream of consciousness writing is…’writeprov?’

Spur-of-the-moment shopping is…’spendprov?’

Snacking when you’re bored is…’bingeprov?’

Sketching on a napkin is…’doodleprov?’

Writing your daily blog when you don’t have a topic is…


No plan here

Does your work week calendar look a bit like this?

Mine too.

How about your weekend?

I’m as guilty as the next person of jamming my work calendar with as much as I think I can reasonably — and sometimes not so reasonably — handle.

(I’m freelance.  The busier I am, the more I make.)

But when it comes to my weekends — or whatever days end up being free that week — I am hesitant to schedule too much.  I crave the lack of responsibility. The chance for solitude.

No deadlines or time schedules.

Spur-of-the-moment activities are always welcome.  But elaborate weekend plans?

That’s too much like work.