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Animal instincts

If you’ve spent any time on social media today, you may already know two great holidays have converged —

National Hug Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day.

If you’re like me, this accident of the calendar seems like a natural combination. I mean, what better way to show that cute little squirrel in your backyard or local park that you appreciate them than a big ol’ hug?

Then again, maybe not.

Up a tree

I got my first look at a Go Pro camera in an electronics store in the Cincinnati Airport over Halloween weekend. I had seen video footage from one before, but the clips they had on a loop at the store entrance sucked me right in.

So I completely understand why this squirrel felt the need to ‘grab and go.’

He’s a pretty good cameraman, yes?

The squirrel whisperer

Students in my college courses can attest to my habit of using unusual examples to illustrate concepts during class.  One of my favorites?


It began innocently enough.  A student asked a question, and as I was trying to think of a good analogy, I spied a squirrel outside the classroom window.

So I went there.

And I liked where it went.  Now future classes have heard me use the squirrel in various analogies ever since.  Yes, they give me strange looks at first.  But they eventually come around…or, I like to think so.


Not actual robosquirrel used (but wouldn’t it be awesome??)

Which is why I greeted the story of the ‘robosquirrel,’ a biology project at San Diego State University focused on predator/prey interaction, with much affection.

I know it has gained national attention because of its $325,000 price tag, and its funding from the National Science Foundation, and ultimately, taxpayer dollars.

I’m not here to debate all that.

I just want to say, to any of my former students who may be reading this blog…

SEE???  Squirrel stories work.

They really do.


I’m having a Boston feel good kinda morning.

Rory Dog and I are in town this week and started revisiting our old haunts today.

Nothing is more fun than watching that 13-year old puppy race into the Public Garden and Boston Commons.  He takes the same paths, checks out the same squirrel trees — even pees on the same spots.

It’s like we never left.

And when we return to the apartment, what film is playing on FX but Fever Pitch, starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon.

While not a perfect movie, it is a great Boston sports movie — primarily due to the timing of the Farrelly Brothers’ shoot.  This story of a Boston Red Sox fanatic and his attempts to balance a romantic relationship with his baseball obsession wrapped during the Sox’s unbelievable World Series win.

Talk about a happy ending.

It just kinda fits with this beautiful, Boston day.  It’s a nice place to visit.  And we’re glad to be here.