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Clover and over

Are you feeling the luck o’ the Irish today?

Honestly, my day didn’t start that way. So I went in search of it on the great Google machine!

Here are my Five Favorite Shamrock-Inspired Creations, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

shamrock buddy

A Shamrock Buddy — for luck and friendship

shamrock mustache

Shamrock ‘Stache — for avoiding the folks whose friendship you do not seek

shamrock pretzel bites

Shamrock Pretzel Bites — Irish food kinda blows, so try this American delicacy

shamrock beads

Shamrock Beads — ’cause sometimes ya gotta make your own luck from odds ‘n’ ends around the house

shamrock ring

Shamrock Ring — when friendship takes an unexpected turn (and pipe cleaners say it best)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The same, yet different

It’s not often I can say this to a member of the royal family:

“Kate, this has so happened to me!”

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit the 1st Battalion Irish Guards On St Patrick's DayDuring yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day parade at the Aldershot Barracks, the Duchess of Cambridge got her high heel stuck in a grate. Husband William offered a supporting arm — and a giggle or two — while she freed her stiletto.

The soldier saluted.

Funny — almost the exact same thing happened to me during a business trip to Chicago!

I was walking with my colleagues to a nearby restaurant for dinner when a grate ate my heel. Two friends held me upright, saving me from an almost certain face plant.  So, let me belatedly salute their heroics —

Sans headpiece.

Greening my blog (and my dog)

Hope you’ve had a fun St. Patrick’s Day

Rory Dog









We’ve been Dublin over with laughter!

Did I really just say that?

(Yes, I O’Reilly did.)

In like a wildcat

It’s here. My favorite time of the year.

I love everything about the month of March.

My birthday is in March.  My sister, dad, brother-in-law, cousins, and a few friends also celebrate their birthdays in March.

So there’s lots of cake.

There’s also March Madness, the most wonderful time of the year (especially when your alma mater is currently ranked #1, and two other state schools are in the Top 25).


There’s St. Patrick’s Day, the Ides of March, the arrival of spring, Women’s History Month — hey, I am a girl — and bizarre celebrations like Save A Spider Day.

Let’s face it — March rocks!

The only thing about March that I’m not totally in love with is the birthstone.  I have always found the aquamarine a bit washed out and unremarkable.

But I recently learned that the bloodstone is a March birthstone alternative — stunning!

That seals the deal — March is the best month of the year.

Seeing green

My morning routine is just that.


I get a lot down in very little time.  Up and dressed.  House cleaned.  Dog walked and fed.  And at my  home office desk, ready to go, in record time.

But today, I stuttered a bit…

Was I wearing green?

It happens every St. Patrick’s Day.  Childhood memories wash over me.  The pinching, the ridicule, the reign of terror unleashed on anyone who forgot to wear green.

Of course, I’m one of the lucky ones.

I have green eyes.

That was always my fail-safe…my go-to if I per-chance forgot to wear a green article of clothing.  My permanent salute to the Emerald Island that I could point to when the bullies came to twist my flesh.

Even today, I realize I’m wearing a black hoodie with gray jeans — nary a green stitch of clothing in sight.  So if I pass you on the street, I will invoke the ‘green eyes rule.’

It’s legitimate.  So…no pinching.