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Sonic boom

I know I need to watch one of these 1960’s era programs.

I missed Mad Men right out of the gate and could never seem to catch up.  I skipped The Playboy Club for reasons too numerous to mention.

I wasn’t going to let Pan Am pass me by.

(I may not be nostalgic by nature, but I am competitive when it comes to TV viewing.)

Did you catch the Pan Am premiere Sunday night?  The stewardess look and lifestyle is definitely romanticized.  I found the show somewhat candy-coated and overly optimistic…but not the kind that makes you sick to your stomach — the kind that makes you stare and go, “Gosh, I wish I’d lived back then.”  (And I only missed it by a couple of years.)

My biggest complaint with Pan Am? 

The music’s too loud.

Seriously.  The scoring for this series is so loud, it often overpowers the action on screen.  I know the producers are trying to establish a certain ambiance, but they need to remember:

Not all the viewers were born back then.  They can turn it down a notch.