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Lucky seven

Happy Seventh Birthday, Sticky Egg!


A lot has changed since I started this blog on a whim after watching the movie Julie and Julia.

New job. New city. New adventures, this time on my own.

Will this really be lucky seven?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for hanging around with me to find out!


From time to time, The Sticky Egg not only highlights things that are cool, kitschy or culturally significant…

It points out stuff I simply gots to have!

For instance, in late January, I was inspired by an over-sized representation of a Marvel Comic strip panel that I felt had an important message for women everywhere:

“I simply haven’t met a boy yet who interests me! And until I do, I’d rather walk alone than date just anyone.”

I think I held out a whole week before I ordered that one.

And then earlier this month, I got all excited about the new — well, new to me anyway — iPhone icon pillows being sold by Craftsquatch, a store on Etsy.

I wrote that particular blog entry just a couple of days after my birthday, and mentioned what a wonderful gift they would make.

Well, one of my best friends took the bait, and I am happy to report…

There be iPhone pillows in the house!

Just look at them — it’s like the Marvel canvas and the pillows and my red leather couch were made for each other!

Since you are there for me through the silliness and the surreal, I wanted to celebrate my way cool decor with you as well.

And people say blogs don’t amount to anything…

Fair warning

Weeks before the 2011 Academy Awards hit the air, the producers warned everyone in pre-show interviews that their young hosts weren’t comedians, so we shouldn’t expect jokes.

Anne and James weren’t bringing the funny.

And they were right.  They didn’t.

Anne did bring an overly energetic brightness to the stage that became grating.  Her big number went well, but I’m sure Hugh Jackman is even happier today that he dodged that bullet.

James, on the other hand, was quiet and appeared stoned.  He even had trouble reading the teleprompter.  (Hey, it’s a skill not all people can master.)  I think he regretted taking job #1,714 as soon as he stepped on stage, and his partnership with perky Anne even more so.

Oil and water, those two.

It made me even more grateful for the moments to come in the Oscar acceptance speeches.

Moments of wonderful self-deprecation from Best Actor winner Colin Firth:
“I have a feeling my career’s just peaked.”

…and NYU student Luke Matheny, upon winning the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film God of Love:
“Oh, I should have got a haircut!”

Entertaining shout-outs to family members, including Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network:

“Roxy Sorkin, your father just won the Academy Award, I’m going to insist on some respect from your guinea pig.”

…and Tom Hooper, giving credit to his mother for finding The King’s Speech during his Best Director Oscar acceptance:

“The moral of the story is, listen to your mother.”

And perhaps most inspiring of all — especially for Sticky Eggs like me — were David Seidler’s words upon receiving his Best Screenplay Oscar for “Speech.”

“My father always said to me I would be a late bloomer.  I believe I am the oldest person to win this particular award.  I hope that record is broken quickly and often.”

Now, that’s what we needed to hear.

Star seach

What’s your sign?

Not so easy to answer these days, is it?

Scientists say the constellations have shifted position in the night sky, which means our astrological signs may have moved by as much as a month.  People who have thought themselves Pisces their whole lives are now Aries.  Aries now Taurus.  These scientists are even trying to insert a new 13th sign into the mix — a freaky one called “Ophiuchus,” the snake bearer.

Well.  That sounds like…fun.

Astrologers say to ignore all the hoopla.  Apparently Western astrology isn’t based on the constellations; it’s based on the four seasons, and they don’t change.  So the 12 signs should remain as is, regardless of whether the stars have moved or not.  In fact, they ding FOX News for picking up the story and confusing the facts in the first place.


Me?  I’m more a fan of the Chinese zodiac and their 12-year calendar of animal signs.  I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, a very lucky sign which bestows all kinds of positive traits on its children.

Graciousness.  Good manners.  Sound counsel.  Kindness.  Sensitivity to beauty. Soft speech.  Grace.

Well, I got some of those.

(Remember, I’m a sticky egg.  We are lucky to get hand-me-downs.)

Stick it to me

The Sticky Egg is late toDAY.

i was TRAVelING  and DIDN’T HAVe reliable INTERnet Access for aWHILE.  Then I had to head straight into meetings when I GOT TO NEW york.

oh — anD DID i mention the stiCKY CAp lock key on my computer?

you may HAVe noticed it by now YOURSELf.  IT’S PROBABLy one of the most anNOYING THINGS i’ve dealT WIth this week (AND THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING).

YOU SEe, THIS is A new LAPtop.  it was FINE WHEN i got it out of the box.  But afTER A couple of weeks, tHE TAb key anD THE LEFT SHIFT KEY STARted aCTING LIKE THE CAP lock key.  Then the control key, escapE KEY ANd a FEW of the number keys joined in, too.


IT’S A capITAl conspiraCY.

i havE CALled HP — THAT’s the BRANd of computer I’M USING — ANd am IN THE PROCESS OF CONVINCING THEM i haVE A defective keyboarD.  (we haVE TO GO THROUGH THE NECESSARy softwarE CHECKS FIRST.)


WhaDDA you think?

Fresh fish

Oh dear.

The Sticky Egg has discovered an unfortunate connection to the world of fishing.  As in, ‘sticky egg’ is the name of a fishing fly.

I found this during a Google search last night.  I was checking to see how easy it is to find my blog when you search the phrase ‘sticky egg’…and this fly came up in the first page of results.  (My blog was number two after a prank toy egg…so yes, I’m in good company.)

The name is appropriate, I suppose.  The fly is supposed to imitate fish roe, which trout, steel head and salmon apparently eat ‘with gusto.’

I’m not a big fan of fishing.  The idea of dragging a living creature through the water with a sharp, metal hook through its mouth seems pretty cruel.  I contend that people find it acceptable because fish are ugly.

Think about it.  If fish looked like puppies, would we really celebrate the practice?

But back to this fly.  I just want to make it clear:  The Sticky Egg does not condone nor endorse its use.  The name thing is pure coincidence.

No fish will ever be killed in the writing of this blog.

Just a brain cell or two.