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Sweat happens

Play was suspended earlier today at the US Open due to heavy storms and lightning in the New York City area.  It brought to mind the question:

Don’t tennis players know their outfits are going to get wet?

Not from rain.  From sweat.

Today was the most humid day of the tournament by far, and the players — male and female alike — were drenched, their clothes reduced to near transparency.  Which begs a second question:

Do they consider this possibility when they chose colors?

wozniackiMaria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki, who played earlier this afternoon, wore light grey and tan respectively in their afternoon match.  After just one or two games, I could have sketched an anatomically correct map of not only their undergarments, but also any birthmarks, moles or particularly large freckles.

What gives, ladies?

I should really pass the blame to the clothing manufacturers.  It seems like this issue should be part of their quality assurance testing.

We can do better, people.






As the East Coast prepares for a hurricane, I find myself distracted by its name.

Sandy sounds more like a 50’s musical ingenue.

It makes sense that the name would be dated.  They have been rotating the same names for years, and only retire one if the hurricane has great intensity and destruction.

My name, Carla, was on that list until 1961 when it was the namesake of a Category 4 hurricane that struck the Texas coast.  Hurricane Carla did over $2 billion in damage and killed 43 people, and so the name was officially retired.

My aunts used to talk about Hurricane Carla, but I thought they were just teasing me (as I am often full of hot air).  However, it remains one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the United States.

Let’s hope Sandy sings a showtune instead.

Ain’t no sunshine

Yesterday I braved the storms.

I made the trek to Flushing and the US Open.

The rain had stopped.  The courts were dry.  I bought my hot dog and my soda in its 2012 souvenir cup.

Joining the faithful in the cheap seats, I shared my towel to wipe off the raindrops and then settled down to enjoy almost an entire set of tennis between the retiring Andy Roddick and Juan Martin Del Potro.

And then it started to rain.

I waited a bit.  Then the players left the court.  So I did, too.

By the time I got to the train tracks just outside the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the night session had officially been canceled.

I’m still happy to have made the journey yesterday…but not today.

The forecast is CRAP.

NOTE — After an initial two-hour delay, play resumed at the US Open.  Damn forecasters never get it right.