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Leave that scab alone

Is Netflix a good thing?

Sometimes I wonder.

Sure, I can stream all kinds of movies and TV shows for a lowly $7.99 a month. Cheap is good. On-demand is good. Movies at any time of the day or night — always good.

But TV shows?  Entire seasons of shows that I used to loved but were taken away because of unjust networks, poor ratings or stars who went on to bigger and better things?

Somehow giving me a chance to watch those shows again is like rubbing salt in the wound.

myboys‘Cause I still like those programs. I still want to see new episodes. And when they were gone, I learned to deal.

Watching them all again…

Just makes me bitter times two.

Dumb ol’ Netflix.

The perfect thriller

Like a lot of people, I re-joined Netflix to get access to the new season of Arrested Development.  Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t watch it yesterday.

So no spoilers.

I have been watching a lot of other things on the streaming service. Movies that sunk by me at the theatre…or that didn’t reappear as I had expected on HBO.

One of my fav’s?

perfect host posterThe Perfect Host, starring David Hyde Pierce. He is always incredible, so I blame the marketing campaign for not inciting me to see this gem at the movie theatre.

Pierce plays Warwick Wilson, who is home prepping for a dinner party when John Taylor, an injured bank robber, comes to his door desperate to find a place to hide out.   John poses as a ‘friend of a friend’ and convinces Warwick to not only let him in, but also invite him to stay for the party. But as the guests arrive, John realizes Warwick is much more than he first appeared.

It’s creepy and kooky and has so many twists and turns, you won’t be able to keep up.  I loved it.  I recommend it.

Heck, it’s even worth joining Netflix to see.