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That’s nice

World-Kindness-DayThe Twitter-sphere is all abuzz about today’s holiday of note —

World Kindness Day

This particularly caught my eye because a couple of days ago, the New York Times reported on a recent study that suggests the two most important qualities to affect the longevity of a relationship are generosity and kindness.

So, while you may want to perform a random act of kindness or two to celebrate the day, being kind on a more regular basis could have a big ol’ karma kick-back for you and your special someone.

Just saying.

Wake-up call

A Pop-Tart and a multivitamin.

That was my breakfast every morning before elementary,  junior high and high school.  It was the compromise I reached with my mom because I really didn’t like to eat first thing in the morning.

I still don’t.  My stomach doesn’t wake up until lunch.

My current compromise?  A lactose-free chocolate protein drink — which I actually kinda like — because I still  feel like I should eat something.  (I respond well to guilt.)

Well,  look out — the breakfast tables have turned!  A recent study by researchers in Germany has revealed that eating the morning meal has no impact on the rest of your day except to add to the total number of calories consumed.

You heard me.   Breakfast isn’t the ‘most important meal of the day’ like we’ve always been taught, especially if you are trying to watch your weight.  When folks skipped breakfast in the study, their caloric intake for the remaining meals was unchanged.

So, if avoiding the morning meal currently works for you?

“Keep doing what you’re doing,” the researchers advise. And in this case, doing nothing is just dandy.

Take that, guilt.