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These guys

I’m spending Super Bowl Sunday with a different team…

benedict pbs

Thanks PBS!

Show time

Happy Super Bowl-less Sunday!

That’s right — I am defying the gods and not watching the big game .  I don’t have a team in this year’s fight, and I’m not one to watch football for football’s sake.  Plus, I can watch the commercials online.

So I figure today is the perfect time to go…to Home Depot.

Think about it.  This is one Sunday when I’d bet good money they see a lot less traffic.  I will be able to browse the hardwood flooring and kitchen counters and countertops and backsplashes without being crowded by other people.

Help should be easy to find, too…not that I’ve ever had a bad experience at Home Depot.  I’m just looking forward to more elbow room (cried Daniel Boone).

Of course, the people who have to work at Home Deport on Super Bowl Sunday may be a tad bitter.  So I’ll have to be extra entertaining to make up for it.

I think I can manage that.

Super Harry

Attention members of the “Harry Potter” fandom!

If you are planning to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday — and even if you aren’t — at the very least DVR the ads.

Universal Orlando has shelled out a reported $2.5-3 million to air a commercial for “The Wizarding Word of Harry Potter” theme park — scheduled to open this spring — during the big game.  Daniel Radcliffe himself is featured in the 30-second spot.

I know these ads are targeted to the dads and moms and kids who will be watching the Colts take on the Saints, but I’m pretty darn psyched myself.  In fact, one of my very first posts yammered on about the theme park’s announced opening.

The ad reportedly shows kids riding broomsticks with Harry and a rollercoaster in the background that looks like twin dueling dragons — hints at two of the more technologically advanced rides that visitors can expect.

The press announcement last fall already hinted at the recreation of the shoppes and streets of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts Castle itself.  Too. Much. Fun.

We’ll just have to see if the commercial gives a better indication of the opening date.  Lots of reasons to tune in on Sunday!

(I hear they are playing football, too.)