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Golden moments

I am looking forward to tonight’s Oscar broadcast for three reasons.

oscars_2015_nph1. Neil Patrick Harris.

2. This awards season desperately needs a surprise winner. In any category.

Please, Academy, be the organization that flabbergasts me with a shocking turn of events, shaking me out of this year’s numbing sameness.

3. Much like the Super Bowl, the Oscars commercials are increasingly becoming an event unto themselves. I am particularly excited to see a new ad by Stonyfield Yogurt,  where woman actually admit to not liking Greek yogurt.

I knew I wasn’t the only one out there.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Honesty and innuendo?  Sign me up!


Attention getter

In my business writing seminar, I often get on a soap box about the resume cover letter. It should be the most persuasive bit of writing we do; instead —

It is often dull, template-driven drivel.

soap boxHere is an opportunity to sell the finest product we know — OURSELVES — and yet most of our cover letters put the reader to sleep.

Grab their attention, I tell students. Make your letter stand out from the 500 others that will probably cross the HR director’s desk. Show you did your homework and write the letter just for them.

I was reminded of my usual rant when Jamie Casino’s law office commercial went viral on the Internet.  (It aired during the Super Bowl, but only on the local Atlanta station.)

Casino could have produced your standard law office ad, and no one would have remembered it.

But this one has the world talking.

These guys

I’m spending Super Bowl Sunday with a different team…

benedict pbs

Thanks PBS!


Who will win the Super Bowl — Seattle or Denver?

(You’re probably just impressed I got the teams correct.)

It’s true I don’t follow professional football that closely. But I was fascinated by a fact I learned today about the Super Bowl rings that are awarded to both teams in the big game.  That’s right —



So, let me try to put my finger on this…

All those retired players doing color commentary and interviews on TV with all those massive rings weighing down their hands.  We can no longer assume those are Super Bowl Champions?

I guess not.

Heck, they could just be wearing consolation bling.

Fog City fate

My history as a good luck charm in the sporting world is well-documented.

I’ve logged assists for Kansas City, Boston and New York baseball and football teams in their successful bids for World Series and Super Bowl championships.

san fran union squareAnd although my stay today in San Francisco’s Union Square neighborhood is a scant 12 hours in length, I fear it has made the outcome of Sunday’s game a foregone conclusion.

I haven’t followed pro football at all this year.  In fact, the only game I have viewed was San Francisco’s win over the Patriots in early January.

Now I find myself in the City by the Bay mere hours before the Super Bowl.  I’m not sure anything the teams throw at each other will affect my good luck one-two punch.

Sorry, Baltimore.  I know not what I do.

Be free, live, run

I have spent a lot of time this past week watching — and writing about — the Olympics.

And while I knew I would be glued to the TV watching Olympic tennis and gymnastics and swimming and diving and basketball, I have been pleasantly surprised to find how much I am also enjoying….

The commercials.

Advertisers get all kinds of props for the spots they put together for the Super Bowl each year, but I don’t think enough has been said — if anything — about the commercials in the London Olympics.

My personal fav?

The ad ‘The Beach,’ featuring the Chappo song “Come Home.”  I’ve seen it several times, and it makes me laugh every time.

Give those guys a medal.

Deja vu

The following post is a re-edit of a Sticky Egg blog entry dated November 5, 2009.  The names have been changed, but let’s face it…

No one is innocent here.

I’m sorry, Philadelphia Boston.  I didn’t mean to.

When I moved to New York City three five years ago, I had hoped being a sports team ‘good luck charm’ would help the Mets, but alas — the Yankees Giants won…again.

Even though my powers are extremely strong — and are becoming more legendary by the day– I’ve never had much control over them.

They first surfaced in Kansas City in 1992.  Mere weeks after I moved there, Joe Montana signed with the Chiefs.  Kansas City didn’t win a Super Bowl under Joe, but they were definitely post-season contenders.

I moved to Boston in 2000 and lived there for six years.  I think we all know the impact I had there.  Two World Series wins for the famously denied Boston Red Sox.  The Patriots win the Super Bowl not once, not twice, but three times.

But the minute I moved to New York City — we’re talking, I’d been in town just a couple of months — the New York Giants win the Super Bowl, defeating the New England Patriots.


My power is infinite and brutal and — with the Yankees’ World Series win just last night now that the Giants have handed the Patriots their second defeat — impossible to target.

I’m starting to wonder who’s behind my powers, and more importantly — what city is gonna pay me for them?

Chicago, I’m in the book.

Hurts so good

I’m tired.  My voice is scratchy.  My body aches.

I’m not sick — I’m just recovering from last night’s US Open Men’s Singles Final.

And I didn’t even play.

I don’t think enough has been written (or studied, for that matter) on the physical and mental exertions of the spectator.

Especially in major championships like the US Open —  or the Super Bowl or World Series — people watching these events live in the stadium expend a lot of energy cheering on behalf of the athletes.

I don’t know how many times the chair umpire had to tell us to quiet down.


I can only imagine how exhausted Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal must be this morning.  They ran while they were screaming.

And rumor has it, within the next 24 hours, they will both be catching flights to Europe so they can play tennis on Friday in Davis Cup matches representing their respective countries.

Man, I don’t know if I’ll be rested up by then.

Sunshine day

I love the new ABC comedy series Mr. Sunshine.

What’s that, you say — it doesn’t premiere until tonight?  And your point would be….?

I am already a huge fan of Mr. Sunshine.  Seriously…the writers and producers are really gonna have to drop the ball on this one to lose me as a viewer.

First and foremost, the show brings Matthew Perry and Alison Janney back to prime time television.  Just seeing their faces in the promos makes me happy.

And the promos themselves have been funny, too.  Alison is zany, and Matthew is doing his thing.  Heck, they even have Andrea Anders on board — who was on the very bad Joey with fellow Friends alum Matt LeBlanc.

If they’re willing to roll that die, the show has to be good.

Mr. Sunshine also doesn’t take place in a hospital or lawyer’s office.  There isn’t a CSI to be found anywhere near the title.  This show centers around a sporting arena, which on the surface at least, appears to be different.

I like different.  I appreciate that at least one network recognizes that not everyone wants to watch shows about medicine, cops or lawyers.  And based on the ratings from this year’s Super Bowl, a lot of folks find the idea of sports kinda enjoyable.  Stands to reason they might like a sitcom set in a sporting arena.

I think ABC thinks this show is good, too…because they gave it one of the most sought after lead-ins in television right now, Modern Family. Ya don’t want to follow the best comedy around with schlock.

And I really don’t think Mr. Sunshine is schlock.  Just look at that face.  Would Matthew Perry bring anything but the funny into your home?

Of course not.

It’s gonna be great.  I already love it.


Show time

Happy Super Bowl-less Sunday!

That’s right — I am defying the gods and not watching the big game .  I don’t have a team in this year’s fight, and I’m not one to watch football for football’s sake.  Plus, I can watch the commercials online.

So I figure today is the perfect time to go…to Home Depot.

Think about it.  This is one Sunday when I’d bet good money they see a lot less traffic.  I will be able to browse the hardwood flooring and kitchen counters and countertops and backsplashes without being crowded by other people.

Help should be easy to find, too…not that I’ve ever had a bad experience at Home Depot.  I’m just looking forward to more elbow room (cried Daniel Boone).

Of course, the people who have to work at Home Deport on Super Bowl Sunday may be a tad bitter.  So I’ll have to be extra entertaining to make up for it.

I think I can manage that.