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Silly superstition

Who is in bigger trouble?


The lady who was eating at an outdoor restaurant,  unconcerned that a salt shaker was turned over on the table in front of her?

Or me who still feels the need to throw salt over my shoulder to get rid of the bad joo-joo?

Her. Definitely her.

Very superstitious

Turns out today’s date — 09.09.09 — has turned the whole world whack.  Literally thousands of Chinese couples are marrying today because the number ‘nine’ sounds very similar to the word ‘longlasting’ in all major Chinese dialects.

What would they have all done if it sounded like ‘Cheetos?’  Or ‘democracy?’  Or ‘animal rights?’

We should be so lucky.

I, for one, am going to use all the superstition surrounding today’s date to ward off the rain. I have tickets to the US Open tonight, so I will knock wood, step over cracks in the sidewalk, and toss salt over my shoulder to keep the storm clouds at bay.  I want to watch Roger Federer and Melanie Oudin on Center Court…not reruns on ESPN2.

If time permits, I’ll wander down to the food court and enjoy an egg roll.  And if a marriage proposal comes with it, I’ll consider it.

But I prefer spicy mustard.