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True friendship

Back before Sandra Bullock was “Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock,” she took some time off from doing romantic comedies because she wasn’t happy with the quality of her work.

She returned to the genre in 2002 to do a film with Hugh Grant called “Two Week’s Notice.”  While the film wasn’t a huge success, their pairing was, and the two became great friends off-screen.

Hugh proved that fact this very week.

The tabloids have been filled with news of the affair of Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, and her move out of the family home.  Mere weeks after she dedicated her Oscar — and every other acting award — to James, his admitted infidelity has taken the shine off of her awards season.

Helping to divert attention from his good friend’s troubles, Grant stepped in Wednesday night and got into a tussle at a society party in London with his former PR manager Matthew Freud.

Grant said he didn’t want to speak to Freud — who handled the publicity around Grant’s run-in with a prostitute way back in 1995 — and called him a derogatory name.  Freud responded by smearing chocolate cake on Grant’s white shirt.  Grant threw a punch and a glass of white wine.  Freud volleyed by emailing pictures of the besmeared Grant to friends.

Affair?  What affair?

I hope Sandra appreciates Hugh’s gesture.  It won’t stop the media frenzy, but it created a nice diversion.

No one can resist a food fight.

Bang bang

Is Angelina trying to turn Shiloh into a boy??

That was one of the headlines today after photos online surfaced of Shiloh Jolie Pitt sporting a new, cropped ‘do.  Other less vindictive reporters mused that “Shiloh missed her father and dressing like him made her feel closer.”

Poor little rich kid.

I wonder what reporters would have made of the haircuts my mom gave to my sister and me when we were children.  Inevitably, our bangs were way too short…or crooked…or simply missing in spots.

I’m sure they turned out that way because we wouldn’t sit still during the trim, but the paparazzi would have assumed much, much worse.

Local mother’s attempts to behead children fail

Strangely, we didn’t get much pap in Kentucky or West Virginia.

Wonder why…