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Comedy con

I saw American Hustle tonight.


The movie and all its stars completely deserve all the Golden Globe nominations they racked up.

But my favorite thing about the film is an actor who does not appear in any of the trailers or talk show promotion.  A few of the reviews did spill the beans — so don’t read them before you go — because his performance is such a wonderful surprise!

Okay, I’ll give you a little hint:  he is a funny man who plays the most incredible straight man in the movie.  I loved every minute!

Go see it.  And you’ll know immediately who I’m talking about…

No con here.


I rarely speak of new music here on The Egg (because I’m rarely aware of it).

But Katy Perry has been hard to avoid.  She’s everywhere.  I’ve seen her all over the talk show circuit promoting her new album “Teenage Dream,” and more recently hosting the Teen Choice Awards, which I’m not ashamed to say I watched.

(Okay, maybe I have a little shame.)

If you haven’t seen the album cover, Katy is lying in a cloud of pink cotton candy, which I assume inspired the scented CD.

That’s right.  When you open it up, your nose is tickled by the sugary-sweet smell of everyone’s favorite carnival/circus/baseball game confection.  Even if you’ve gotten sick on cotton candy in the past — hasn’t everyone? —  it will no doubt inspire a memory of a good day.

Which begs the question:  why aren’t more things out there scented?

In the movie “Legally Blonde,” Elle Woods scents her resume and prints it on pink paper.  She says it ‘gives it a little something.’  Her instructor and future husband both seem to agree.

What other items would benefit from good smells?  We obviously add scent to detergents and candles and body splash.  But what about movie posters on display at the theater?  Or Playbills handed out at Broadway shows?  Or how about best-selling hardback novels?

Would scent add ambiance or irritation? Inspire comprehension or incite allergy attacks?

Add a ‘little something’ or ultimately, take away?

Use your words

When the first trailer for “Dinner for Schmucks” popped up in theaters, I thought the premise was ridiculous.

A guy can only get promoted if he brings the biggest idiot to a secret corporate dinner?  I mean, seriously — what were they smoking at the pitch for that movie?

But then,  they assembled a dream cast.  Paul Ruud. Steve Carell. Zach Galifianakis.  And the clips look pretty hilarious.

I’ll bite.

But before I go to the movie this weekend, at least one of the morning or late night talk hosts promoting the film this week has to get the name right.

It’s “Dinner for Schmucks.”  Not Smucks.  Or Shucks.  Or whatever the heck it is you guys are saying.

It’s schmucks.

Hearing everyone mispronounce this very common Yiddish insult is driving me insane.  Is it a network conspiracy?  Like the new show “—- My Dad Says” based on the Twitter account, where they have replaced the very common curse word with hash marks.

Is “schmuck” such a bad word that everyone has agreed to say it wrong?  That’s even more ridiculous than the plot of the movie!

And it makes me want to go see it even more.

Nothing but NPH

There’s talk swirling in the ‘hood again about Regis Philbin’s replacement.

(I say the ‘hood because the “Live with Regis and Kelly” studios are just a few blocks from my apartment. Yeah —  I’m that hip.)

The chatter first begain when Regis had heart bypass surgery a few years ago, and the parade of replacement hosts began.  I think we know who won that go-round:  the incomparable Neil Patrick Harris, with notable stand-outs Anderson Cooper, Bryant Gumbel and Pat Sajak.

But then Rege recovered nicely, and “Live” soldiered on.

In December of last year, Rege was out yet again for over a month, this time with hip replacement surgery, and the co-host dance was back in full swing.  Anderson Cooper was there — a lot — and some fresh faces, too.

But no Neil Patrick Harris, who I think we all agree is Kelly Ripa’s soulmate at the desk.

My take on it?  After triumphs at the “Tony Awards” and “Emmys” and “American Idol,” he may have outgrown the guest host role.

NPH is simply too H-O-T.

But I still believe, on the day that Rege retires, NPH would be the best choice for the longevity of “Live.”

If he’s not too big to fit in the chair.